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Election 2020 Social Media News: Facebook (FB), Twitter (TWTR) Brace for Chaos

Facebook Inc. Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg, like many Americans, expects election night to be confusing. He’s worried it could also be violent.

“There is, unfortunately, I think, a heightened risk of civil unrest in the period between voting and a result being called,” Zuckerberg told Axios last month. “I think we need to be doing everything that we can to reduce the chances of violence or civil unrest in the wake of this election.”

Social media companies are facing heightened scrutiny and pressure to do more to keep their platforms from becoming vectors of misinformation, election meddling and all-around disorder. Over the past two months, Facebook and rival network Twitter Inc. have rolled out new policies as they brace for a complicated and possibly chaotic election night, in which results may be unclear or delayed. Both companies updated their rules this week, a sign that they’re still fine-tuning their

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Twitter is fighting election chaos by urging users to quote tweet instead of retweet

Twitter announced a slew of temporary changes on Friday aimed at staving off abuse around the November 3rd US presidential election. Tweets that include premature claims of victory will be labeled, tweets intended to incite interference in the election or election results will be subject to removal, and tweets from political figures with more than 100,000 followers — which includes President Trump — that are labeled as “misleading” will be more difficult to access.

“Twitter has a critical role to play in protecting the integrity of the election conversation, and we encourage candidates, campaigns, news outlets and voters to use Twitter respectfully and to recognize our collective responsibility to the electorate to guarantee a safe, fair and legitimate democratic process this November,” according to a blog post authored by Twitter legal, policy, and trust and safety lead Vijaya Gadde and product lead Kayvon Beykpour.

The temporary changes will put the

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We need to shield the US space program from election cycle chaos

Space exploration is a long-term endeavor. It takes many years and boatloads of money to get a single spacecraft off the ground and out of Earth’s atmosphere. Getting it to destinations outside the planet’s orbit is even trickier. And if the plan is to send humans along for the ride, you can expect development to take longer than most US presidential terms.

That’s a problem, given that the executive office is in charge of shaping the US space program and its overall goals: when different administrations have different ideas on what to prioritize, the space program faces whiplash that creates chaos and slows projects down. In just this century, NASA has seen its focus shift from the moon to Mars and back to the moon. In 2005, President Bush said we were gearing up to go to the moon with the Constellation program. In 2010, President Obama said we were

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NVIDIA apologizes for RTX 3080 launch chaos, but it isn’t enough

NVIDIA failed to add bot protection to its site, and scalpers are now selling RTX 3080 cards for thousands of dollars on eBay.

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What you need to know

  • The RTX 3080 Founder’s Edition was on sale for just a few seconds at NVIDIA, with scalpers picking up most of the orders.
  • The cards are now reselling for upwards of $2,000 on eBay, three times their retail price.
  • The RTX 3080 Founder’s Edition and aftermarket options are sold out everywhere in the U.S.

NVIDIA kicked off sales of the RTX 3080 earlier today, with the RTX 3080 Founder’s Edition up for sale on its website and over a dozen AIB (add-in board) cards with custom cooling and overclocked designs from the likes of ASUS, MSI, EVGA, Zotac and others hitting major retailers.

But just a few seconds after sales kicked off on NVIDIA’s website (at 6am

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3 Leadership Practices That Will Help You Get Comfortable with Chaos

As C-suite leaders, setting the tone is paramount when it comes to morale. When Covid-19 disrupted businesses, leaders were tasked with not only adopting a new shift in workflow, but also managing widespread anxiety felt across organizations.

While fear evokes a strong response, the result from anxiety-based motivation is not only not sustainable, but it’s also detrimental to the workforce. The solution? C-suite leaders need be comfortable with chaos and find a more positive way to lead.

In order to keep teams motivated amid industry and global changes, leaders must keep three best practices top of mind.  

Be versatile.

As an employee’s work environment dramatically changes, the ability to look to an effective leader remains a constant that pays dividends when it comes to productivity.

“The hardest part of being an entrepreneur is grappling with constant change; by the time your team masters a new process or workflow, in an

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