EasyMile: 5 Reasons Autonomous Technology is a Game Changer for Industry 4.0

TOULOUSE, France, Oct. 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Autonomous technology already used for public transport is taking over. With its ability to cross over to material handling operations, private industrial sites are the clear catalysts. Our prediction is the application of this technology to vehicles dedicated to logistics flows will concretely move plants into Industry 4.0.

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Reason 1: Automation in open outdoor environments

Like cities, industrial sites are complex environments. A vehicle that has the ability to obey traffic lights, negotiate other vehicles, recognize pedestrians or enter a roundabout is one that can move goods from one place to another unaided.

Reason 2: Adaptability

The sensors used for automation (lidars), combined with powerful data fusion algorithms make it possible to get away from dedicated infrastructure.

An autonomous vehicle can navigate relying on what is already there. It is no longer necessary

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