Will Chainlink’s Integration With E&Y And Microsoft Backed Baseline Make Ethereum Enterprise Ready?

Today, the team behind the Baseline Protocol – an enterprise focused blockchain projects pioneered by  by EY, Microsoft, ConsenSys, AMD and others that uses the public Ethereum blockchain announced support for integration with decentralized oracle provider Chainlink.

The announcement represents an important milestone for both the baseline protocol as well as Chainlink as they both attempt to make inroads into the enterprise adoption of public blockchain.

The Perception Problem With Public Blockchains

Corporates have not materially public blockchain networks in large numbers and that is becoming an issue for the credibility of the technology..

While enterprises — who are conservatively minded entities, after all — will naturally take some time before adopting a new technology, many observers believe that we still should have had more adoption at this point. Especially given that we are now five years into existence of Ethereum protocol, and influential organizations, such as

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