Marine Corps CH-53K King Stallion’s technical problems have been solved, maker says

In 2018 the Marine Corps received its first CH-53K King Stallion, capable of lifting more than three times the weight of its predecessor.

But with more than 100 technical issues found with the helicopter, the promising program was set back by two years.

Now nearly all the technical issues have been solved and only a few tests remain before the King Stallion can be cleared for operational testing, a Sikorsky official told Marine Corps Times.

“The majority of the issues are closed, all the tough ones are already behind us and done,” said Bill Falk, a program director from Sikorsky, the helicopter’s manufacturer.

“We have a few more that we have to do the final demonstration in the next couple of months … then we’ll have demonstrated closure on all the technical issues and could start operational testing and evaluation,” Falk added.

So far 118 of the 126 technical issues

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