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Are the Science Nobels Stuck in the 20th Century? – OZY


Most cutting-edge science today is collaborative and global — a reality the Nobel Prizes refuse to recognize.

Every October brings an air of anticipation to research universities and laboratories around the world, as scientists wait for the announcements of the coveted Nobel Prizes in physics and chemistry — awards won by giants such as Albert Einstein and Marie Curie in years gone by.

It’s been that way for decades. Yet in recent years, there’s an equally unmistakable, collective sigh of frustration that often accompanies the actual announcements. That’s rarely because of any disagreement over the credentials of the winners. It mostly has to do with the fact that archaic rules often prevent the awarding of the prize to several researchers and institutions that deserve it.

Only the Peace Prize can be awarded to a group or an institution. All other Nobels, including in the sciences, medicine,

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$9,800 PS5 eBay Lister Makes Bid For Scalper Of The Century

Did you miss your window to preorder a PlayStation 5? It’s probably best you wait until more stock is made available, if eBay is anything to go by. For the princely sum of £7,600 ($9,800), you can buy yourself a standard “disk edition” (sic) PS5–with an extra controller(!)–from a British seller who’s aiming to make the biggest payday in history, and become the most legendary scalper in the south-east of England.

Based on the U.K.’s standard PS5 retail price of £449 ($579), plus the additional controller cost of £60 ($77), the listing boasts an incredible 1,393% mark-up on the recommended retail price. Luckily, the automatically applied PayPal Credit option is gracious enough to allow you to pay in 24 installments of just £359 ($463) per month, equivalent to the cost of 19.6 PS5s at U.S. cost price.

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Business leaders call for urgent reforms as global economy faces its ‘worst state in a century’

  • On Monday, business leaders under the Business Twenty group made 22 policy recommendations for the G-20 group.
  • Each recommendation fell into three key areas: empowering people, safeguarding the planet and shaping new frontiers.

a close up of a store

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Top business leaders say the global economy is facing its worst crisis in a hundred years, and “downside risks remain elevated” unless urgent reforms are enacted during the G-20 summit hosted by Saudi Arabia in November.

“The global economy is in its worst state in a century,” warned Yousef Al-Benyan, chairman of Business Twenty (B20), a group made up of high-level CEOs from around the world. “The challenging opportunity is to build back better, with real urgency required from policymakers and business leaders,” he added.

Business Twenty is an engagement group that seeks to represent the voice of the global business community across all member states and economic sectors in the

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Professor uses 21st century technology to teach the classics amid pandemic

For more than five decades, Professor Emeritus Charles Krohn has nourished the soul of his students, teaching the classics at the University of St. Thomas in Houston — and he wasn’t about to let the coronavirus get in the way.

“They couldn’t run me off, so I just stayed around when the pandemic hit,” said Krohn.

But that’s meant embracing technology and a whole new way of teaching — at the age of 91.

When asked if his students are helping him, Krohn responded, “Oh, yes, definitely. Yeah, especially if something technical as well. ‘Well, Professor Krohn, why don’t you try doing this?'”

He currently teaches five days a week and often relies on his theater background to engage his students. 

“It makes for more communication because you’re aware of the audience, as I’ve now made, and in a way more aware of the students in this online contact,” said

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How 21st Century Management Is Being Redefined

The World Agility Forum took place online on September 26-27, 2020. It sought to create a new sense of unity among Agile and related change movements around a common vision of how organizations should be run in the 21st Century. The Forum brought together many groups and alliances that in the past have tended to meet separately. In the course of the Forum, a redefinition of 21st Century management began emerging.

Opening Keynote

A video of the opening keynote is here:

Closing remarks at the World Agility Forum

Thanks to Hugo Lourenco and David Cunha and all the speakers who made the World Agility Forum 2020 such an amazing event. It confirmed that in this time of global crisis, the need for agility has never been more evident.

Hugo Lourenco’s vision of creating “an alliance of

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The Lonely Century: New book unpicks troubled relationship with tech

  • In her new book “The Lonely Century”, economist Noreena Hertz explores the relationship between loneliness, the rise of right-wing populism, and the growing demand for robot companions. 
  • Praised by Black Mirror creator Charlie Brooker as “fascinating, timely, and important”, Hertz spent two years working on her new book before being forced to complete it under lockdown. 
  • “It was quite an experience to spend two years writing about isolation, only for everyone to suddenly be forced to stay at home,” Hertz told Business Insider. 
  • Visit Business Insider’s homepage for more stories.

Speaking down the line from her north London home in Primrose Hill, it’s not immediately clear if lockdown affected Noreena Hertz much at all.

“I’d effectively been in self-isolation for two years already,” she says. “I really do tend to shut the world out when I’m writing.”

Once dubbed “one of the most inspiring women in the world” by Vogue,

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21st Century Real Estate: Better Marketing Through Technology

Real estate marketing has evolved as time goes on, incorporating new and emergent processes and technologies as they are developed. Today, as we squarely inhabit the 21st century and all the technological innovations they bring, modern marketing solutions provide additional opportunities for realtors to market their businesses. here are just a few of the most modern and innovative methods for today’s real estate professional.

Drone Photography and Videography

Once upon a time, it was enough to snap a few dozen high-quality photos or even a short video of a property for an MLS website. Prospective home buyers would use these pictures to get a feel for a property and help them decide if they wanted to attend a showing or open house. Today, however, the ability to see the big picture means that a realtor can show not just the inside and outside of a property but the whole neighborhood

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Century 21 Real Estate Expands Leading Global Real Estate Network With Addition Of CENTURY 21 Guyana

MADISON, N.J., Sept. 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Century 21 Real Estate LLC, franchisor with the largest operating global network in the residential real estate industry, announced today its expansion into the Republic of Guyana, making CENTURY 21 Guyana the 84th country to call the CENTURY 21® brand home. Afa Jamal Zada, a real estate industry and business development specialist, signed an exclusive 25-year franchise agreement to develop the CENTURY 21 brand throughout the Republic of Guyana. Afa, who is currently recruiting affiliated agents, and conducting due diligence and site selection for an office location, looks forward to leveraging the world-class marketing, agent learning and coaching, technology, and productivity platform provided through her affiliation with Century 21 Real Estate.” data-reactid=”13″MADISON, N.J., Sept. 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Century 21 Real Estate LLC, franchisor with the largest operating global network in the residential

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