CENTR Has Released an Animated Video on ccTLDs and Their Technical Role Concerning Content

CENTR explains the role of the DNS in tackling illegal content online

The Council of European National Top-Level Domain Registries (CENTR) released an animated video on Monday addressing ccTLDs and their technical role in relation to online content. Due to increased legislative interest in this topic, CENTR says there is a pressing need for comprehensive educational material on the technical capabilities of the DNS, ccTLDs and their role in the internet ecosystem.

To address this, CENTR published an issue paper in January 2019, Domain Name Registries and Online Content, which is a cornerstone document in explaining the role and limitations of registries. To make this document even more accessible, CENTR has transformed the paper into a four-minute animated video.

CENTR members are urging EU policymakers to adequately consider the technical role and the importance of ccTLDs in maintaining an essential service for the functioning of the internet. “Any measures

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