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Casio Expands EDIFICE Collection With New Connected Timepieces

DOVER, N.J., Oct. 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Casio America, Inc. is delighted to announce the expansion of its EDIFICE collection of timepieces with three new models – the ECB20D-1A, ECB20DB-1A and ECB20DC-1A. Ideal for any look, outfit or occasion, the new ECB20 models come equipped with a comprehensive set of features including full-time Smartphone Link, schedule timer and super illuminator, just to name a few.

“The new ECB20 models are a welcome and natural fit to our robust lineup of EDIFICE connected men’s timepieces,” said David Johnson, Vice President of Casio’s Timepiece Division. “Casio continually takes affordability and technology into account throughout the design process. This series is no exception and we expect it to impress the modern man who enjoys smart technology in a classic, versatile design.”

Created to keep users on time and in fashion, the ECB20 series comes equipped with full-time Smartphone Link

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Newswire & Press Release / BASF and Casio Computer Company Cooperate to Reach Next Level of Robustness and Performance for Digital Fitness Watches – Manufacturing / Robotics – BASF

• Latest G-Shock model by Casio made with BASF’s Ultramid® Advanced N results in enhanced durability and exceptional mechanical properties under harsh conditions;
• Extremely low moisture uptake and excellent retention of properties at high temperatures of new BASF polyphthalamide ensure dimensional stability during and after Surface Mount Technology.

The new flame retardant polyphthalamide (PPA) is used to manufacture the terminal header which sits on the terminal block and contributes to power charging and data synchronization. The high heat resistance as well as the exceptional mechanical and dimensional stability of the BASF material enhance the robustness, functionality and performance for which the G-shock watches are renowned. Due to its low moisture uptake and high heat deflection temperature, the BASF PPA is especially suitable for Surface Mount Technology (SMT) processes in electronics manufacturing as it prevents blistering or changes in dimensions of the processed part. With its intrinsic good laser

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