Kin + Carta Launches ‘Working Better,’ a Podcast about Technology and Problems Worth Solving

CHICAGO, Sept. 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Kin + Carta announced the launch of Working Better, a podcast about problems worth solving and the technology required to solve them.

Why can we file taxes online but not vote online? When will our healthcare data actually be ours? Can an app be racist? These are just a few of the challenges that will be tackled in the inaugural season of the podcast, launching today and running through November.

“What I love about Working Better, and what I think listeners will love, is that we’re not just talking about problems worth solving, but putting forth ideas and, in some cases, actually building solutions for some of the challenges,” said Scott Hermes, host of Working Better and Director of Solution Delivery at Kin + Carta. “We’re looking at problems through a human lens first, bringing a variety of voices together

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