Carsales boss calls for technology focus to drive COVID recovery

“We’ve got to think about how do we invest over the next two years so when we come out of this we’re not so dependent on just population growth and mining and agriculture. And we’re a much more diversified economy. The tech business in my view is one of those ways to do that,” he told The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald.

“Some of these (US tech) companies, Amazon, Facebook, they’re larger than (national) economies. And why can’t we produce some of these companies. Well I think there’s hope here, because we have produced an Atlassian…we have produced a Carsales,” he said.

Mr Bhatia said the recession had underscored the need for businesses to go online to reach customers and keep trading, adding that far too many weren’t online.

More support was needed to get small businesses online, adding that they should assume COVID-19 could affect their operations

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