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IBM is spinning off part of itself into a new company. It could have big impact in North Carolina’s Research Triangle | Money

Krishna said in a press conference with reporters Thursday that the move will not have an immediate impact on IBM’s headcount in the Triangle.

However, eventually there will a reshuffling of the office, as the RTP site has many employees who will eventually become part of NewCo.

“As we work through … which employee goes to NewCo and which employee stays with IBM, that will be the biggest impact in the region, because the (RTP) site does have people from both sides on NewCo and IBM,” Krishna said. “I think that’s all I will say right now.”

He did say Red Hat will continue to be an important factor going forward. Red Hat has continued to hire new employees at a brisk pace, despite the merger, The News & Observer previously reported.

“Red Hat is actually growing,” Krishna said. “They need more and more people, so that’s probably going to

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North Carolina’s COVID-19 exposure app has 100,000 downloads

In the two weeks since it was launched, North Carolina’s COVID-19 exposure app, SlowCOVIDNC, has been downloaded more than 100,000 times.

But Sam Gibbs, the deputy secretary for technology and operations at the N.C. Department of Health and Human Services, said the app shouldn’t necessarily be judged by the absolute number of North Carolinians who download it.

That’s because the state, he said, is being very specific about who it is marketing the app to. Rather than invest in widespread and expensive marketing to all residents in the state, DHHS is targeting the app toward specific populations.

For example, a large majority of people who have downloaded SlowCOVIDNC are students in the UNC System, community colleges or private universities in the state.

“It is not an overall number (of downloads) we are looking for — we are trying to get concentrations in places that” are at high risk, Gibbs

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