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Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico areas to watch for tropical storms

Historically, hurricane season peaks about Sept. 10, activity typically in top gear leading into October. But this year’s hyperactive September came screeching to a halt Friday, when Teddy and Beta in the Atlantic and Lowell in the Pacific fizzled or lost tropical characteristics entirely. Since then, the world’s oceans have been virtually silent. But they won’t be for long.

A large zone of rising air at mid-to-upper levels of the atmosphere will soon overspread the Atlantic from the west, at the same time as global circulations favor an uptick in shower and thunderstorm activity. The two factors could overlap to bring about a renewal in tropical busyness.

An area to watch

The National Hurricane Center is already monitoring one area in the northwest Caribbean that could prove problematic in the coming week. The center estimates a 50-percent chance that tropical development will occur sometime in the next five days.

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Promoting Gender Equality in the Nuclear Sector in Latin America and the Caribbean

In collaboration with Stand Up for Nuclear, an independent nuclear advocacy group, the ARCAL-WiN chapter will be officially inaugurated by IAEA Director General (DG) Rafael Mariano Grossi and by WiN Global Vice-President Melina Belinco on 12 September. (Photo: CNEA)

To facilitate the founding of a regional WiN chapter, a unique project was launched early in 2020 through the ARCAL regional agreement. The first of its kind, the regional project aims to support equal female participation in nuclear science and technology by empowering women and promoting their contribution to technical, scientific and leadership roles in the field. The new project also builds atop the achievements of previous IAEA efforts in the region to prepare young, female professionals for leadership responsibilities and to act as ‘nuclear advocates’ in their respective national institutions.

“The active participation of women has been key for pioneering discoveries and contributions in nuclear science and technologies. Equal access

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