Boom! Mobile falls prey to Magecart card-skimming attack

A mobile network operator has fallen victim to a Magecart campaign designed to steal consumer financial data. 

Malwarebytes researchers said on Monday that one of the latest organizations targeted by a Magecart group is Boom! Mobile, of which the firm’s US website has been compromised and is, at the time of writing, actively being used to harvest shopper information. 

The researchers said that Boom!, a mobile operator that claims transparency and ease-of-use as their main selling points, has so far not responded to efforts to wipe out the Magecart infection. 

Magecart is an umbrella term describing credit-card skimmer attacks and numerous cyberthreat groups that now specialize in this area. Typically, attacks are performed by exploiting a vulnerability in a website domain — including back-end content management systems (CMS) — in order to load JavaScript-based scripts able to skim data.

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