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Photographer captures rainbow mist at Yosemite Falls

Amidst California’s wildfire season, we all could use some beauty in our lives.

National Geographic Adventure magazine posted a video taken by photographer Greg Harlow in 2017 on its Twitter account last week, showing the first rays of light and the spray from Yosemite Falls coalescing into a radiant rainbow mist.

Harlow was waiting to capture the morning sunrise over the Sierra Nevada when he saw a burst of red coming from Yosemite Falls.

High winds are what caused the waterfall to spray, thus making the full rainbow spectrum of colors visible.

A similar effect was captured in 2018 at Bridalveil Fall, according to the National Park Service. “In spring and fall, as the sun lowers its position on the horizon, a dazzling natural phenomenon can be seen from

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This comedian perfectly captures what’s so annoying about tech documentaries in 2020

What: An uncanny comedic impression of a very specific burgeoning archetype.

Who: The Tonight Show writer Rachel Wenitsky.

Why we care: It’s been a full decade since a narrative film about the creation of Facebook earned universal praise from critics and viewers (but somehow lost Best Picture at the Academy Awards to The King’s Speech, a movie that barely still exists). At the time, the general sentiment around social media was much, much different than it is today. Facebook was highly addictive, annoyingly ever-changing, and it made users feel bad sometimes for a laundry list of reasons. It was not yet, however, the perfect tool for dismantling privacy, traditional media, and democracy itself.

Now that social media has destroyed both society and media, we’ve moved on from creation myth movies to chronicles about what went wrong. Documentaries like The Great Hack and Netflix’s new The Social Dilemma lay

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Stirring image captures intersection of historic hurricane, wildfire seasons

As the wildfires in the western United States encroach upon neighboring states, the smoke has invaded airspace stretching into the eastern half of the country. Meanwhile, Hurricane Sally recently weakened near the Louisiana coastline from a Category 2 storm to a Category 1, but forecasters say the exact strength won’t likely change the battering it is starting to unleash along the Gulf Coast.

AccuWeather Senior On-Air Meteorologist Adam Del Rosso posted a NOAA satellite image Monday evening on Twitter, highlighting the overlap of the wildfire smoke and two Atlantic hurricanes churning nearby.

The satellite imagery of the U.S. shows how the dense smoke from the wildfires spawned in the West has fanned out and drifted into the Eastern skies of the country. To the south of the smoke is Hurricane Sally, which had been downgraded from a Category 2 hurricane to a Category 1 before the time of the image.

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