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Fall calendar for new Apple, Samsung, Amazon products. Release dates


Samsung, Amazon, Roku, Google, Sony, Apple and Microsoft have unveiled their fall lineups of new tech gear with one biggie awaiting a reveal: those new editions of the Apple iPhone, which is expected later this month.

Perhaps you missed the announcements. Or wondered when the products would be available. Good news, Talking Tech fans. We have our annual fall calendar for you, right here.

Several new ones products have already been released, including the updated Series 6 Apple Watch, Amazon’s Fire TV streaming players (some so bare-bones, they don’t have TV controls or 4K streaming support) and a faster, more powerful $329 iPad. What else is in store? Read on.

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Oct. 5:Samsung Galaxy S20 FE ($699) offers many of the features seen in the top of the line $1,399 Galaxy S20 Ultra in a cheaper body with fewer of the high-end camera goodies. Remember Google Home,

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Amazon’s Prime Day is the latest shake-up to the tech calendar

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No iPhone launch in September, next-gen console confusion, Google Pixels announced three months in advance and now an Amazon Prime Day sale in October. Like, well, everything else, the tech calendar has never seen anything like coronavirus.

The construction of a tech ‘calendar’ of expos, launches and sales, particularly over the past decade or so, has helped to shift products by building a reliable cycle of hype and supply. CES in January, MWC in February, E3 in June, IFA and Apple launches in September, Black Friday in November etc etc. Like clockwork.

The first Prime Day, Amazon’s one-day sale to drive subscriptions to its Prime membership scheme, took place on 15 July, 2015 and it has always been a summer sale since then. In 2018, it was 36 hours long and last year, it lasted two full days.

This year, it’s two days again

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NAB Show NY 2020: Virtual Events Calendar

NAB Show New York is ready to take center stage for the broadcast industry, lining up a slew of press conferences and events to fill out its 10-day virtual conference schedule, starting on Oct. 19 and going through Oct. 29.

Here is a rundown of the events that you should be looking out for during the virtual NAB Show New York:

“Charting the Uncharted—Exploring the New Technologies & Business Models in the Broadcast Media Industry”
Oct. 20

The IABM-led session takes a look at the challenges and opportunities in this new media ecosystem, including the latest research and analysis from IABM and an expert panel discussing what new technologies and business models will bring to the industry. Find out more here.

MESA’s Media & Entertainment Day
Oct. 20

MESA hosts a series of general sessions and presentations covering the latest in entertainment data, cloud, security, artificial intelligence and more.

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Can You Make A Teenager Love A Calendar?

The earliest known calendar was constructed in a Scottish field: 12 long, deep pits that traced the lunar cycle. The system dates back nearly 10,000 years, older than Bronze Age calendars in ancient Sumer and Egypt, among other places. The Hebrew calendar, first popularly used around the 9th century CE, is the oldest calendar still in use. By its measure, we’re in the year 5781. This is, of course, significantly different than the figure most of the planet uses today: 2020. That number comes from the 365.242-day Gregorian Calendar, a creation of Pope Gregory XIII in 1582 (to go by His Holiness’ figuring, that is). But even the Vatican’s handiwork took some time to catch on. Protestant nations feared it was some

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