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Recognize reality and be human: 4 things managers can do to stop burnout before it starts

A collaboration platform that puts Google’s research on how to build successful teams into daily practice now works with Microsoft Teams.

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“Sleep when you’re dead” has always been a popular mantra in the tech world, but the business risk of this way of working is becoming clearer all the time. The extra pressures from the coronavirus pandemic have made burnout even worse in the IT industry this year. 

Range CEO and co-founder Dan Pupius experienced burnout firsthand during his time as a staff engineer at Google. Ever since then, he has been interested in helping other people avoid that particular problem.

“If you let it get too far, people can end up in a place that is unrecoverable,” he said.

This year is unique because the stress factors outside work are even higher than usual, from wildfires and hurricanes to the pandemic to the social justice

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Technology Team Burnout In Healthcare Is Real. Here Is What CIOs Can Do To Help.

Covid-19 has put unprecedented strain on the healthcare workforce, challenging clinical resources and departments supporting the clinicians. Healthcare CIOs worked extremely hard to transition their organization towards a remote workforce during the pandemic. While organizations are putting together a plan to manage remote workforces, leaders must now build a new culture with new philosophies for managing teams remotely, highlighting burnout prevention.  

Studies have shown that remote workers increase their average workday by 8.2%, equating to an additional 48.5 minutes daily. A survey by online employment platform Monster found that over 69% of employees experience burnout while working from home. Increased work hours, coupled with things like homeschooling of children, increases stress and adds to burnout risk.  Here are some of the things healthcare CIOs can do to help alleviate employee burnout.  

Remember that work is not a location

Work is not a place that employees go to, but rather

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Stress, Burnout and Technical Issues Threaten the Benefits of Working From Home, According to Adaptavist Study

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–A new study by digital transformation leaders, Adaptavist, highlights the threats to long-term productivity and employee well-being posed by improvised solutions during the transition to remote work. Overall, 82% of people report they are equally (47%) if not more productive (35%) working from home, and company-wide communications have improved during the pandemic. However, the lack of a shared understanding of which tool to use and how to communicate with it, combined with the ‘always on’ nature of working from home, brings added stress and motivational challenges for workers.

The Adaptavist Digital Etiquette Study, which includes survey responses from 2,800 knowledge workers across the UK, USA, Canada and Australia, shows remote working offers major benefits for businesses, but new digital communication and productivity challenges have also emerged.

The study found significant benefits to 100% remote working approach

‘Levelling the playing field between in-office and remote workers’ and ‘working

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