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Apple iMessage Beaten By Brilliant New Android Messages Trick

506781—the two-factor authentication code needed to access my Dropbox account on November 15, 2015. I know because it’s still there in my SMS history, a permanent record of my accessing Dropbox from new devices. I have full iCloud history in much the same way—332486 was the code on October 4, 2014. I can see the same for Microsoft, Uber, Sony… You get the point.

As I’ve written before, SMS messaging is best avoided—it’s an archaic and unsecured platform with no place among the myriad end-to-end encrypted alternatives we can now use. If you want to message family, friends, colleagues, then skip SMS and use iMessage (blue bubbles only), WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram (albeit its encryption is more complex than the others). And while you may consider your private messages to be of little interest to others, you still seal envelopes despite trusting the postal services and

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2020 Suzuki V-Strom 1050xt review: Red, white and brilliant


The Suzuki V-Strom 1050xt in its natural element: an all-day ride with friends.

Kyle Hyatt/Roadshow

On paper, the Suzuki V-Strom has never been an incredibly sexy bike. It’s got a modest powertrain that produces perfectly adequate power and torque. It’s got an unflashy suspension and brake setup that works as well as you’d want it to. On paper, it’s boring. But in practice, it’s brilliant.

The V-Strom 1050xt is an absolute workhorse of a motorcycle. It’s comfortable for hours in the saddle and it’s tall (like most adventure bikes), so visibility is fantastic. It’s got anti-lock brakes and traction control, so it never feels like it wants to bite you, and it’s also now a bike making power in the low triple digits, so it’s not slow. The V-Strom is something you buy as a first or second bike and then never bother getting rid of or upgrading. It just

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Microsoft has a brilliant new idea for working from home. You may not like it

Microsoft Teams

The happiness of the commute?

Image: Microsoft

I very much admire Microsoft’s recent lurch toward humanity.

Since Satya Nadella became CEO, he’s shown a recognition that human elements can incite better organizations.

When it came to the pandemic, for example, Microsoft wasn’t slow in ensuring the safety of its staff. The company was also proactive in researching just what effect working from home was having on its employees. (Spoiler: Not entirely positive.)

Moreover, having seen Zoom become a brand name, a verb, and a lifestyle, Redmond took great and swift pains to make people realize there’s an alternative — some would say a better one — called Microsoft Teams.

You’ve seen it, perhaps, during NBA games. People pretend to be together when they’re not.

Redmond even offered subtle mockery of Zoom, in order to make Teams seem like the more secure option used by the world’s sensible people.

The company’s

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Amazon’s Drone That Flies Around Your Home and Records Everything Might Just Be Brilliant

On Thursday, Amazon announced a dozen or so new products, including a game streaming service, several new spherical Echo speakers, and an Echo Show that will follow you around the room. Speaking of following you around the room, the thing that caught the most attention was a security drone that flies around the inside of your home and records video. Yes, inside your home.

We’ll come back to whether you really want to give Amazon that kind of access to what’s happening in your life in a moment. First, let’s be clear on exactly what the new Ring Always Home Cam does. Actually, let’s first acknowledge that it’s kind of a remarkable marketing decision to release a drone spy camera that doesn’t include the word drone in the name at all. 

The release referred to it as “an autonomous indoor camera that enables users to see multiple viewpoints throughout their

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Brilliant ‘SuperRed’ Feathers Are Created By More Than Just Pigments

Feather microstructures can remarkably change the appearance of red plumage without any corresponding changes in either pigment concentration or molecule types

Many birds have brilliant plumage colors, but why? There are several non-exclusive hypotheses may explain the reason(s) that birds invest so much energy into obtaining colorful pigments and creating ornamental plumages:

  1. coloration may help species identify each other, so they can avoid producing hybrids, which are often sterile, thereby preventing a waste of time and energy (ref).
  2. beautiful ornaments may reflect arbitrary aesthetic preferences in the choosing sex (usually the female) (ref), and may either be maintained through a runaway evolutionary
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Apple’s Brilliant, Updated Tablet Is Coming Sooner Than You Think

Apple’s next tablet to be announced will be an updated iPad Pro, according to ferociously reliable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of TF International Securities, coming as soon as next month, he says, and picked up by 9to5Mac.

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But wait, you say, the iPad Pro just had a refresh, with LiDAR scanner and improved processor, only six months ago. You’re not wrong, so, surely, there can’t be another so soon, can there?

Apple has updated an iPad twice in a year in the past, but only once, when the third-generation iPad was updated to fourth-generation, with the tablets landing in Spring and Fall 2012 respectively. Apple took some criticism for that and has never replaced a tablet on such a short timetable

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Brilliant New Security And Privacy Features You Can Use Now

Apple just confirmed its long-awaited iOS 14 operating system update is coming, on September 16. Here are 3 brilliant new security and privacy features to expect, and one that will arrive a bit later than planned.

Apple’s iOS 14 is finally here, along with a load of brilliant new security and privacy features. The long-awaited iOS 14 operating system update was announced September 15 at Apple’s event and is expected to start hitting iPhones and iPads from September 16. 

Due to its “walled garden” approach, Apple has always been thought of as a pretty secure option. But last year with the launch of iOS 13, Apple really began its privacy and security onslaught with stringent measures to stop firms such as Google and Facebook from slurping up vast amounts of user data.

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