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WSJ Wealth Adviser Briefing: Exxon Turbo Boost, Tech Buyout Fantasies, Stashing Cash

Michael Nathanson, chairman and CEO of the independent wealth management firm Colony Group, told Barron’s that robo-advisers have a role to play in serving certain client segments. As for the industry’s continued shift toward client-centric wealth management advice and away from the investment-only models of the past, I think the shift can’t be completed quickly enough.

Does the evolution in the industry come down to financial advisers doing a better job embracing new technologies? We must all do so, but simply committing ourselves to using more and better technology isn’t committing ourselves to meaningful, evolutionary changes. In fact, it may merely be masking the need for such changes.

Below, some of the best analysis and insight from WSJ writers and columnists, the Dow Jones Newswires team and occasionally beyond, on investing, the wealth-management business and more.


Where Trump and Biden Stand on Mortgage Finance: The incumbent administration eyes

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Tech Stocks Lead Wall Street Higher: Live Business Briefing

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Wall Street rose on Friday, shaking off an unsteady start, as a rally in technology stocks lifted the broader market.

  • The S&P 500 climbed 1.6 percent. The technology heavy Nasdaq composite rose 2.3 percent. Amazon, Microsoft and Apple were each sharply higher.

  • Companies that have been hard hit by the coronavirus pandemic’s impact on travel and tourism led the gains on Friday. Norwegian Cruise Line rose more than 13 percent, and Carnival Corporation, MGM Resorts and Boeing were all sharply higher.

  • Still, stocks were lower for the week, the fourth consecutive weekly drop for the S&P 500.

  • European stocks have also mostly tumbled this week after a surge in coronavirus cases has led several European governments to mandate tighter restrictions, further clouding the timeline for a recovery. The benchmark Stoxx Europe 600 fell more than 5 percent this week.

  • Investors are watching developments

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A Cortana-powered Daily Briefing hits Outlook email this month

Two intriguing functions in Microsoft Outlook, Play My Emails and the Daily Briefing, are scheduled to receive updates that add new Cortana-powered AI to functions that go far beyond just email.

Microsoft’s AI assistant, Cortana, has moved from being an integral part of Windows to more of an assistive technology. Outlook has been the main beneficiary, however, new Cortana-powered intelligence is coming to Teams, and to the Cortana app within Windows 10 as well.

One of the problems with Microsoft’s parade of new features is simply keeping track of the timeline. The Daily Briefing functionality debuted in preview mode a year ago, but at the Microsoft Ignite conference it’s now becoming officially available for Microsoft 365 users with Exchange Online mailboxes. Play My Emails is already out for iOS and Android for U.S. subscribers, but it’s rolling out in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and India during the coming months.

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Russian aggression against U.S. intelligence satellites sparks congressional briefing

Military imaging reconnaissance satellite in Earth orbit. (ImageBank/Getty Images)
Military imaging reconnaissance satellite in Earth orbit. (ImageBank/Getty Images)

WASHINGTON — Over recent days, officials from the newly minted U.S. Space Force and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence briefed multiple congressional committees on an “uptick” in Russian military activity in space targeting U.S. defense and intelligence satellites, according to two sources familiar with the matter.

While the sources declined to comment on the specifics of recent incidents, which follow general increases in Chinese and Russian aggression in space, these recent actions were deemed “serious enough” to merit briefings on Capitol Hill, said one of the sources. Officials also briefed committees on plans to counter the Russian aggression, the source said.

The aggressive acts come amid rising concerns about Russian and Chinese activities in space, particularly when it comes to anti-satellite weapons. Earlier this year the Pentagon stood up the Space Force, a new branch of the military

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