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Bridging the gap between the magnetic and electronic properties of topological insulators


IMAGE: (a) and (b) show the electronic band structures of Bi2Te3 and a magnetic topological insulator sample; the Dirac cone structure is much more prominent in the latter. (c) The two…
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Credit: Nature Communications

Scientists at Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech) shed light on the relationship between the magnetic properties of topological insulators and their electronic band structure. Their experimental results shed new insights into recent debates regarding the evolution of the band structure with temperature in these materials, which exhibit unusual quantum phenomena and are envisioned to be crucial in next-generation electronics, spintronics, and quantum computers.

Topological insulators have the peculiar property of being electrically conductive on the surface but insulating on their interior. This seemingly simple, unique characteristic allows these materials to host of a plethora of exotic quantum phenomena that would be useful for quantum computers, spintronics, and advanced optoelectronic systems.

To unlock some

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How states are bridging the digital divide in rural communities

  • Rural communities are disproportionately affected by the pandemic, as limited access to high-speed internet makes it difficult for people to work from home, access healthcare, and homeschool their kids. 
  • Brian Whitacre and Roberto Gallardo, experts in economic development, examined initiatives and restrictions from rural state governments to determine which policies impacted the “digital divide.”
  • Many states, including Minnesota, Tennessee, and North Carolina, dedicated funding, resources, and policies that have, on average, increased broadband availability and helped get rural Americans connected.  
  • However, Whitacre and Gallardo say access solves only one part of the issue — factors like affordability can also hugely impact municipal policies. 
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The current public health emergency has shown just how critical adequate and affordable broadband infrastructure is for communities and individuals trying to work, access healthcare, and attempt to teach kids from home.

Yet millions of rural Americans lack access to

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