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Can This New Android Threat Brick Your Phone When You Answer A Call?

Microsoft recently published a security blog that warned about a sophisticated new ransomware variant. Not, as you might expect, ransomware that impacts users of the Windows operating system, though. Nope, instead, this was a warning for Android users.

The discovery of a context-aware machine learning code module in the MalLocker.B certainly deserves the sophisticated tag. However, that module has yet to be activated, and more of that in a moment. What has grabbed the attention of Android users who have read the various reports online, it would seem, is the fact that MalLocker.B can effectively brick phones only with a press of the home button when answering a call. But how true is that, and how worried should Android smartphone users actually be?

First things first, this is a fascinating and highly detailed bit of technical

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Tech Antitrust Push Faces ‘Brick Wall’ From Gap Between Parties

(Bloomberg) — Megacap technology companies face limited risk from a renewed antitrust push out of Washington, analysts said, although the odds of stronger regulation are seen rising in the event of a “blue wave” election.


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A House panel proposed far-reaching antitrust reforms designed to combat the power of companies like Amazon.com Inc., Apple Inc., Facebook Inc. and Alphabet Inc., the parent company of Google. The proposals could lead to the breakup of tech companies if approved by Congress, but Wall Street analysts say the chances of this are low, given Republicans largely shunned the report.

While there are areas of agreement between the two parties, “the nuanced differences in how to execute on those goals is still too far apart to drive bipartisan legislation,” wrote Chase White, an analyst at Height Securities. There could be some changes to antitrust laws, but the distance between the parties is “likely

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