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First PS5 photos show just how big Sony’s next-gen console truly is

Sony’s upcoming PS5 hardware has appeared at the FCC, providing us with the first close up photos of the next-gen console. The FCC has published a variety of images, showing the standard PS5 laying horizontally, the included cables, and the removable base that holds the console in both vertical and horizontal positions.

The photos also show just how big the PS5 truly is. We learned earlier this week that the PS5 is the biggest game console in modern history, even topping the Xbox One VCR-like shape and Sony’s own PS3. Sony released official dimensions during its PS5 event this week, but they don’t include the “largest projection” or the optional base measurements.

It’s clear from these FCC photos that it’s going to be a challenge to fit a PS5 into entertainment centers, just as it will be with the Xbox Series X. Both consoles appear to be designed to primarily

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Tesla’s Big Battery Day Event: What to Expect

Next week will be a big one for Tesla (TSLA). Alongside its annual shareholder meeting, on Tuesday (September 22) the EV maker will host its highly anticipated Battery Day. The event has been the source of much speculation as to what delights will be on offer from Musk and Co.

Deutsche Bank analyst Emmanuel Rosner has an idea of what to look out for.

“We believe Tesla could unveil a new insourced manufacturing system to ramp up battery capacity, improved cell chemistry with greatly-enhanced performance, and fast-declining cost curve,” the analyst said. “While media and investors’ expectations for the event are high, we believe these announcements could meet many of them, and reinforce Tesla’s position as a technology leader.”

Battery capacity has already been noted as a major impediment to future growth. As such, Rosner anticipates a formal unveiling of the Roadrunner, Tesla’s battery cell manufacturing system. Expected

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The big winner of Apple’s new One subscription bundle is Apple TV Plus

Apple’s new Apple One bundle, which gives customers an assortment of Apple-owned services for a monthly fee, is likely to help out subscriptions for all of its offerings, but few need it as much as TV Plus.

Apple has been relatively quiet about anything related to TV Plus’ metrics in the almost year it’s been out. There are no subscriber numbers, no big displays of bragging about The Morning Show or Ted Lasso’s viewership figures. (In fairness to Apple, the company hasn’t given an update on Apple Music subscribers since June 2019, and while CEO Tim Cook did share this year that Apple News has 125 million subscribers, he chose not to disclose how many people signed up for $10 subscription version.) All that exists is reports from third-party analytics firms and articles from Bloomberg — one which suggested earlier this year that Apple TV Plus had 10 million

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Microsoft Is One of the Best Big Tech Stocks

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It’s been the year of the so-called FAANG stocks. Many commentators have pointed out that the FAANG members in fact account for the majority of the S&P 500’s gains year-to-date. Throw in Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) as well, and you have a popular high-voltage momentum stock portfolio. But this line of thinking overlooks one giant: Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT). MSFT stock briefly topped Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) for the world’s largest company months ago.

Source: NYCStock / Shutterstock.com

And given Microsoft’s superior growth rate, there’s a good chance that Microsoft will again surpass Apple in coming years. While Apple has its excitement around the stock split and the fitness products, it can’t hide the fact that the business has barely grown its income over the past five years.

Microsoft, by contrast, still has a ton of upside thanks to its

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How to Play Goldman Sachs’ Big Call This Week on Micron Technology Stock

a close up of a screen: mu stock

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mu stock

In a market made up of stocks, Micron Technology (NASDAQ:MU) is one known to march to the beat of its own drummer. But in today’s market, is now a better time to buy, sell or hold off on MU stock? Let’s explore what’s happening off and on the price chart, then offer a risk-adjusted determination aligned with those findings.

a close up of a screen: mu stock

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mu stock

Despite a punishing novel coronavirus detour earlier this year, 2020 has turned into a standout year for the Nasdaq Composite index. On the back of influential and dazzling rallies in Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL), Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA), Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN), Nvidia (NASDAQ:NVDA) and others, the index has soared to new highs and returned more than 23%.

No doubt investors can thank the Nasdaq’s strong gains to both a loose-handed, generous Fed

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Wall Street slumps as Big Tech once again leads decliners

Stan Choe, The Associated Press
Published 10:50 a.m. ET Sept. 17, 2020


The U.S. economy just had its worse performance ever as businesses shut down across the country as well as much travel decline.


U.S. stocks are lower Thursday as Wall Street continues to swirl after the Federal Reserve said it will keep interest rates at nearly zero for years to help nurse the wheezing economy.

The S&P 500 was 1% lower in morning trading, after trimming an earlier loss that reached 1.6%. It follows up on a volatile day, where the index at first rose following the Fed’s announcement before giving out in the last hour of trading to drop to its first loss in four days.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 165 points, or 0.6%, to 27,866, as of 10:25 a.m. Eastern time, and the Nasdaq composite was down 1.7%. The selling was widespread,

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Big Tech’s battle for billions leaves lots of collateral damage

Our nation marked the nineteenth anniversary of September 11 this month. Who can forget that we live in a world where security reigns supreme.

Most Americans accept the government’s right and responsibility to thwart terrorist threats through advanced surveillance, artificial intelligence, a database of suspicious citizens, and somewhat controversial facial recognition technology. And as a society, we have acquiesced to government collection of private information, provided there are reasonable constitutional restraints.

Not too long ago, many Americans had a legitimate fear of government eavesdropping on their private lives.

For post-war generations, the specter of “Big Brother” was more than a far-fetched, fringe conspiracy theory. It was manifested in the counterintelligence program (COINTELPRO), the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), and interstitial federal statutes permitting

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20 years of Linux on Big Iron

Let’s take the way-back machine to March 1991. Back then Stewart Alsop, venture capitalist and one-time editor-in-chief of InfoWorld, predicted “the last mainframe will be unplugged on March 15, 1996.” In IBM’s last quarter, IBM Z mainframe led IBM’s systems revenue to $1.9 billion, a gain of 6% over the last quarter. Oh well, you can’t get them all right. 

So, what happened? Linux happened.

At the time, this seemed a very unlikely marriage of software and hardware. Linux was the open-source software darling and the IBM mainframe was the proprietary hardware king. IBM leadership could see, long before other major companies would, that Linux was the future of operating systems.

So in February 1999, IBM announced it would work with Red Hat to support Linux. By May 2000, Linux moved from being an experiment on mainframes to being a fully supported option. And in 2001, IBM announced it was

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Apple and Big Tech’s product launches are now just sideshows

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This week: For Tim Cook and Apple, it’s Lights, Cameras … Sideshow!

Tim Cook, Apple Headquarters

Apple CEO Tim Cook at Apple Headquarters

Apple/Business Insider screen capture

If you’ve been eagerly awaiting the latest iPad you may have enjoyed Apple’s “Special Event” on Tuesday. But to me, Apple’s big event was mainly a sign of how the scripted product launches that Big Tech relies upon to control the news cycle are increasingly impotent.

It’s not all bad. As my colleague Avery Hartmans noted, the abbreviated, online-only product launch is preferable to the bloated in-person events of years past.

But I think there’s something else going on too:

Now that tech is at the center of the biggest

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What to expect from the company’s big VR show

When Facebook purchased virtual reality headset maker Oculus in 2014, the social network’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg , raised expectations by saying the technology would be the next big computing platform.

Facebook CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg speaks at Oculus Connect in 2019. The conference has been rebranded as Facebook Connect this year. Angela Lang/CNET

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Facebook CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg speaks at Oculus Connect in 2019. The conference has been rebranded as Facebook Connect this year. Angela Lang/CNET

“Oculus has the chance to create the most social platform ever,” Zuckerberg said at the time Facebook announced its $2 billion acquisition of Oculus. The VR headset maker would “change the way we work, play and communicate.”

Six years later, virtual reality hasn’t lived up to that hype, even with a pandemic that keeps people at home and forces them to rely on technology to stay in touch. Still, Facebook hasn’t stopped betting on VR, as well as AR, or augmented reality. On Wednesday, the social media giant will kick off its

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