Comcast Deal to Add More Economic Value Drivers, Says 5-Star Analyst

Roku (ROKU) stock has been on a tear recently, rising nearly 16% over the past 6 trading sessions. The majority of the upside resulting from resolution to the show down between what can possibly be described as a battle between the king and the challenger to its throne.

After threatening to remove all its other apps from the OTT leader’s platform, Comcast and Roku finally reached an agreement to bring Comcast’s streaming service Peacock to Roku.

Two months into its launch, Peacock was one of the few big-name VOD streamers not available on Roku. So, after locking horns in the drawn-out negotiations who came out as the winner? As Roku’s performance can attest, the market thought Roku gained the upper hand. So does Needham analyst Laura Martin.

“To us,” the 5-star analyst said, “This battle underscores Roku’s growing power vs Comcast, the largest legacy US linear-TV platform. Roku

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