2021 Mercedes-Benz S-Class safety tech: Rear-seat airbags and 48-volt architecture

The new S-Class will debut later this year.


As Mercedes-Benz’s flagship, the arrival of a new S-Class always means the introduction of some fancy new features that’ll slowly trickle down to the rest of the company’s lineup. We’ve already told you about the updated MBUX infotainment tech coming to the 2021 S-Class, but Mercedes-Benz detailed a number of other features during its debut Wednesday, including the first example of a rear-seat airbag in a production car.

Available with the S-Class Executive Line, these airbags deploy out of the backs of the front chairs. Mercedes says compressed gas inflates “a wing-shaped structure,” at which point “a large, tent-like airbag deploys between the two wings.” The specific tubular structure of the rear-seat airbags is very different from what you find up front, and Mercedes says this means this means they can inflate with “comparatively low force and a low risk

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