YouTube hit with UK class action style suit seeking $3BN+ for ‘unlawful’ use of kids’ data

Another class action style lawsuit has been lodged against a tech giant in the U.K. alleging violations of privacy and seeking major damages. The latest representative action, filed against Google-owned YouTube, accuses the platform of routinely breaking U.K. and European data protection laws by unlawfully targeting up to five million under-13-year-olds with addictive programming and harvesting their data for advertisers.

U.K. and EU law contain specific protections for children’s data, limiting the age at which minors can legally consent to their data being processed — in the case of the U.K.’s Data Protection Act to age 13.

The suit is being brought by international law firm Hausfeld and Foxglove, a tech justice nonprofit, which says they’re seeking damages from YouTube of more than £2.5 billion (~$3.2 billion).

Per the firms, it’s the first such representative litigation brought against a tech giant on behalf of children and among the largest such

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