Madden NFL 21 Extends Franchise’s 21-Year Bestseller Streak

Another year, another chart-topping launch for the Madden NFL franchise.

Madden NFL 21 was the top-selling game last month and is already the sixth bestselling game of the year, NPD reported on Monday. The game is the 21st consecutive Madden franchise launch to have topped the bestselling game chart during its respective launch month. NPD didn’t release sales figures for the game but said Madden NFL 21 secured “double-digit percentage dollar sales growth” compared to last year’s Madden NFL 20.

But Madden NFL 21 wasn’t the only EA Sports hit last month. The studio’s other August launch, UFC 4, landed behind Madden NFL 21 as the second best-selling game last month. According to NPD, the title also secured the franchise’s highest monthly sales number.

Activision’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Sony’s Ghost of Tsushima landed in the third and fourth spots, respectively. Animal Crossing: New Horizons rounded out

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