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Preparing for the future: The 2020s will demand more from your tech

If ever there was a decade that announced itself so defiantly in the first year, it’s the 2020s. With so much change and volatility already, 2020 has proven this decade will be dramatically different than the one before it. It’s imperative that IT and business leaders prepare for 10 years unlike any others. 

For IT and business leaders, success in the 2010s meant capitalizing on innovative commercial IT (think cloud and mobile). As the decade went on, many of those firms began leveraging the same commercial platforms — now looking and feeling very similar to their customers. Forward-thinking organizations began examining how digital differentiation could give them a leg up and then — wham! — 2020 came in with a bang.

In only a few months, business models were flipped on their heads. The coronavirus pandemic, economic downturns, the rise of values-based consumers, and increasing climate issues forced most businesses

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2020’s top 10 construction technology trends

Many industries have come to a halt this year, but there is one sector that never stops working and that is the construction industry. An essential part of the economy, the industry is constantly seeking new ways to speed processes up, reduce costs, and make each site as safe as possible.

Technology is forever changing and growing; however, the construction sector has been slow on the uptake of these new technologies. From installing construction site broadband to using drones and robotics, it has taken up to a decade for these technologies to reach the high standards and regulations needed within construction.

Previously, the majority of new technologies did not meet the strict safety standards required to be used on the worksite, or the error margin was simply too great for the overall finished project. However, things have now changed and we can begin to see the impact of these within

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