The 1-Minute Market Report – October 2, 2020

What’s happening now, and what it may mean going forward.

A quick summary

  • The dip-buyers are back, but they are not as committed as before.
  • The latest employment report was disappointing.
  • Earnings are improving, but they’re based on lowered expectations.
  • Inflation is rising from a very low base.
  • Big Tech is still leading but has lost a little horsepower.
  • A cheap and effective COVID vaccine is not yet in sight.

10 Major Indices and How They Performed Over Time

The next three charts come from my new favorite market analytics provider StockRover. We start with 10 major indices, including a new one – the Nasdaq Veles Water Index. You are undoubtedly familiar with the other nine.

I sorted the list by YTD returns from best to worst. You can see that the Nasdaq is still the frontrunner this year, but the up-and-coming Water index isn’t far behind. I also highlighted

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