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Blue Origin launches and lands the 13th test flight of its space tourism rocket New Shepard

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Jeff Bezos’ space company Blue Origin on Tuesday conducted the latest test flight of its rocket New Shepard at its facility in the West Texas desert.

The mission did not have passengers on board, although New Shepard launches with a capsule on top that is designed to carry as many as six people for a mission. Known as NS-13, this mission was the 13th test flight of the system – as well as a record seventh consecutive launch for the rocket booster carrying the capsule, as it has landed six times after prior missions.

NS-13 was originally scheduled to launch on Sept. 24, but an issue with the rocket’s power supply delayed the mission.

New Shepard is designed to carrying people on a ride past the edge of space, with the capsules on previous test flights

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Everything coming and going on Netflix for the week of September 13th

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a boy sitting in front of a window: Netflix new shows and movies

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Netflix new shows and movies

Netflix is adding 25 new shows, movies, and specials in the third week of September.

This might be the most exciting week of the month, with highly-anticipated originals like The Devil All The Time and Ratched, as well as new seasons of MeatEater and Criminal: UK.

Leaving the service is Train to Busan, which you should watch if you like zombie movies.

Netflix continues a torrid month of September with even more exciting original shows and movies this week, including Ratched, which stars Sarah Paulson as the titular antagonist from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. The other major release is The Devil All The Time, which puts Spider-Man (Tom Holland) in an unfamiliar role.

Here is the complete list of the Netflix streaming arrivals and departures for

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Here’s Why The 13th Doctor’s Origin Explains Everything

The 13th Doctor, played by Jodie Whittaker and helmed by showrunner Chris Chibnall, is the gamechanger for Doctor Who in many ways. First, she was the first female lead in canon. Then in her second season, Chibnall dropped a bombshell. The Doctor was the original Timeless Child, an immortal being from an unknown place who became the basis for all the Time Lords.

Doctor Who: The 13th Doctor's New Origin Explains Everything about Him
Jodie Whittaker in “Doctor Who”, BBC

The child came to the universe through a gateway from another universe or dimension. Her adopted mother Tecteun discovered her regenerative ability to turn into another body and even gender if she suffered a fatal injury. Tecteun experimented on the child to understand regeneration, then gave it to herself and the elite of Gallifreyan society. Now immortal, the Gallifreyans developed time travel technology and built up the planet with the new Time Lords the ruling elite. Every Time Lord had

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