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PC Sales Just Broke A 10-Year Record Thanks To The Pandemic

The global PC market grew by almost 13% in the third quarter, according to Canalys, marking the biggest surge in sales in the last decade.

According to the analyst firm’s estimates, shipments of PC and laptop devices reached 79.2 million units during the quarter, an increase of 12.7%, as sales “continued to benefit hugely from the COVID-19 crisis”.

Laptops accounted for the majority fo these sales, with 64 million units shipped during the third quarter as employees continue to work from home. Laptop and mobile workstation shipments also saw sales increased by 28.3% year over year, though desktop and desktop workstations saw a 26% decline in shipments.

“Vendors, the supply

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Asteroid-assaulting spacecraft to take 10-year cruise to a new space rock

Japan’s Hayabusa 2 successfully shot the asteroid Ryugu with a specially designed bullet in 2019 before briefly landing on it to scoop up some of the disturbed gravel. The sample will be returned to Earth, with a planned landing in Australia this December. But now the Japanese Space Agency (JAXA) is sending the spacecraft on a long voyage to another target. 

After dropping off the sample of Ryugu at Earth, Hayabusa 2 will set a course for another asteroid: 1998 KY26, which is a spherical rock with a diameter a little larger than a tennis court. 

This asteroid’s orbit takes it between the orbits of Venus and Mars, meaning it’s relatively close to Earth, but Hayabusa 2 will take a somewhat roundabout path to visit it. 

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India’s Top Court Approves 10-Year Rescue Plan for Telcos

(Bloomberg) — India’s top court approved a plan giving phone companies 10 years to pay back a combined 1.4 trillion rupees ($19 billion) in outstanding fees, a significant concession from the original three month deadline but only half the time the carriers had sought.


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A three-judge panel on Tuesday said 10% of the dues must be paid in the first tranche and the written judgment, which is awaited, will provide more details on the repayment structure. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government had proposed a 20-year repayment window, which the telecom companies had supported.

Shares of Bharti Airtel Ltd. surged the most since May as it has already raised money to pay the dues. However, the fine print of the court ruling could determine the fate of cash-strapped Vodafone Idea Ltd., which is struggling with mounting losses and more than $14 billion of debt. Billionaire Kumar Mangalam Birla, the

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