The 1,000-Day Information Security Strategy We Need

A recent article by Melissa Hathaway for the Centre for International Governance takes public leaders to task for failing as COVID-19 first emerged to prepare the public for “a 1,000-day journey” in overcoming the virus’s public health and safety threats. “Instead,” Hathaway wrote, “our leaders managed the announcement of the pandemic as they would a quarterly earnings forecast, asserting that everything would be fine by the next quarter.” Obviously, that wasn’t the way things worked out.

Hathaway was using that early pandemic response, focusing as it did on a mere 100-day horizon, to make the argument for resiliency in our digital infrastructure, which in many ways was unprepared for the surge of online activity that pushed some networks past the breaking point amid multiplying security threats and attacks. “Vulnerabilities in these technologies present existential threats to our economy and sovereign security,” Hathaway wrote.

Her assertions made me think about how

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