Make $100,000/Year In Cybersecurity With No Technical Background, Just A Learning Attitude

Topline: While cybersecurity jobs are rapidly expanding and exhibit high wage growth, many people are intimidated by them because of a perception that these jobs require significant technical skills. However, evidence from Offensive Security shows that a growth mindset is much more important: the technical information comes and goes, but the attitude is what stays.

Cybersecurity remains one of the occupations with the greatest wage and employment growth not only historically, but also over the next decade. For example, employment in information security analyst occupations is estimated to grow by 31.2% between 2019 and 2029. Similarly, the median earnings for 2019 in these occupations is $100,000/year.

And yet, a large skills gap exists. In fact, recent research from Emsi has found that the U.S. has less than half the cybersecurity candidates that it needs to handle increasing demand. That has made it tough

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