Owners say these 13 car brands offer the best new tech

  • JD Power’s 2020 Tech Experience Index Study is out, measuring how well different carmakers introduce new tech features into their vehicles. 
  • The firm surveyed owners to determine which brands offer the best user experience, and which ones come up short. 
  • Some of the top-ranked brands include BMW, Cadillac, Hyundai, Subaru, and Mercedes-Benz. Volvo topped the survey.
  • Tesla would have earned the second spot, but it didn’t meet all the criteria for the study. 
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Carmakers consistently try to top one another with bigger screens, better user interfaces, and more advanced safety capabilities. But not all of those snazzy features hit home with buyers, according to a new study from JD Power. 

The research firm surveyed 82,527 owners of new 2020-model-year vehicles to compile its latest Tech Experience Index. The index measures how effectively car brands bring new technologies to market, evaluating both the degree to which they adopt new features and how well customers receive them. 

JD Power found that while buyers like seeing additional camera views, they dislike interior gesture controls and don’t trust driver-assistance features. 

JD Power ranked brands based on their scores, and 13 of them were found to be above average. Unsurprisingly, the top spots were dominated by luxury companies, but several more affordable brands made the cut as well. Volvo topped the overall rankings.

Tesla’s score would have landed it in second place, but the company only let JD Power survey owners in 35 states instead of nationwide, so it wasn’t officially included in the list. 

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