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Ogoul Technology, a leading company specialising in advanced technologies and solutions, has launched five new innovative applications that will provide dynamic solutions to various sectors and revolutionise the field of technology sciences, Eng. Khaled J Al Jaber, Chief Operating Officer & Business Development at Ogoul Technology, announced at a press conference yesterday. 

During the event, Al Jaber highlighted that the new innovative applications, which are the first of its kind in the world, will revolutionise the perception of social media, communication, education and translation. 

“We are elated to unveil our latest advancements in technological applications that will help provide its users with dynamic solutions, that will in turn facilitate their everyday lives. Ogoul Technology has worked tirelessly to develop these applications and to equip them with the latest technologies to ensure their reliability and the satisfaction of its users,” he added. 

One of Ogoul Technology’s latest advancements in communication technologies, the app allows its users to send text messages, audio recordings of video clips in their native language. The information sent by the user will also reach other users in their own native language, and here lies the true power of the application. 

‘KalamTime’ supports various languages, and provides an encrypted and protected communication channel between its users in a manner that guarantees their total privacy. The application also offers its users a voice and video call option, with the same level of encryption that guarantees ultimate privacy, with high sound and image quality. 

Ogoul Technology has also launched ‘WorldNoor’, which is a social media application, that comes equipped with the world’s most advanced technologies. The application allows its users to publish their post, comment on others’ posts, as well as post audio and video content on their own accounts. The content that the users share will be available on their own accounts in their native language, while the other users will be able to access that content in their very own native languages as well. 

WorldNoor makes communication amongst its users easier, by eliminating language barriers. The application offers its users various other interactive privileges such as personal chats, group chats, and a close friends feature that will allow them the chance to connect with like-minded individuals and to help build virtual relationships with them. The application will be available in a web and smart phone formats. 

The ‘KalamTranslate’ application launched by Ogoul Technology allows its users to easily connect with people from around the globe, no matter what language they speak. The smartphone application translates everything it receives into various languages and dialects. KalamTranslate allows its users to speak in their own native language, and then it translates the received speech into the native langue of its recipient. The application also allows its users to save the conversations they made, in both visual and written versions, to be able to access them at a later time. The application is available in both a web and a smartphone format.

The ‘Ogoul Learn’ application is an online educational and learning platform that was specifically developed to provide dynamic learning solutions to educational institutions all around the world. The app offers a highly advanced platform for learning and classroom management purposes, without the need for any additional IT infrastructure. 

OgoulLearn provides schools, teachers and students with a specialised platform they can access at any time, by adding lectures and providing adequate learning discussions. Thanks to its highquality and secure video call option, which is fully integrated with courses and administrative features, OgoulLearn is the ideal choice for educational institutions across the globe. 

Ogoul Technology has also developed ‘Menthar’, a search engine application like no other. The accurate and highly efficient app allows its users to not only search for a video by typing in its title, but also by tying in a word or more that were uttered in the actual video itself. The video will then play starting from the word or more that were typed in the search engine, thus making the lives of its users easier and more time-effective. 

During the event, Al Jaber also announced that the company will unveil various other applications that are currently in development, which will help provide various dynamic solutions to various other sectors, such as the financial and the health sectors, in the very near future.

He extended his sincere gratitude to Dr. Salah M. Werfelli, President & CEO of Ogoul Technology for his visionary leadership that made the company’s successes a reality.

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