New solar computer system to help enhance technology in rural PNG


Brian Bell Group have been delivering new products and ideas to PNG for over 60 years and this new product will change PNG education, health and the commercial segments says Peter Del Monte.

Trade electrical and chemical divisional manager Peter Del Monte said the solar computer introduced by Brian Bell will help enhance technology development in rural PNG where mobile operator Digicel’s network is reachable.

“Our product first to PNG is the newest innovation in solar technology.”

He said the Brian Bell team is very proud to be exclusive distributor of this innovative and class leading solar product.

“The part that we are excited about is that now we going to bring technology to everywhere in Papua New Guinea.

“I think that’s a great first, can you image in terms of educational, all the kids in the rural villages and settlements now we can bring computerization,” said Mr Del Monte.

“They can start doing education on line and other things and again it’s going to be helpful with all the documentation and all the records now they can go to computerization.”

He said “that’s why we are excited and it’s about developing technology throughout the country.”

“Like I said, we are excited and it’s great to launch to the product into PNG market.”

Mr Monte also expressed that it is also a great opportunity for Government, Provincial governments especially to start investing in the future of education and the youth.

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