Here are the top European startups where people want to work in 2020

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  • LinkedIn published its Top Startups of 2020, which features the startups its users most want to work for in different countries.
  • Featured companies in Europe include transportation startups such as Arrival and Dott; neo-banks such as Revolut and N26; and health startups like Doctolib.
  • We’ve got exclusive data on the top startups across six European countries, and ranked the first five for each.
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LinkedIn has released its annual ranking of the hottest startups to work for.

The list is based on how half a billion LinkedIn users interact with startups on the site across four areas: user engagement with the company and its employees, employee growth, job applications started on LinkedIn, and how often people working for firms on LinkedIn’s top companies list — a different list of firms with over 500 employees — move over to these startups. 

Business Insider got exclusive data from LinkedIn on its top-ranked startups across six European countries — the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, and the Netherlands.

To be eligible for the list, companies had to be founded in the last seven years, privately held, and headquartered in the country on whose list they appear. The firms had to have a minimum of 50 employees — so the list excludes some smaller startups. 

Scroll down to see the list of the top 30 startups across Europe. We’ve ranked the top five from each of the six European countries below. 

The UK

Arrival is the top startup in the UK

Founded in 2015, Oxford-based startup Arrival is working on prototypes for electric vehicles including buses and delivery vans.

Arrival’s position in the ranking reflects the rise of electric vehicle sales in Europe in the first quarter of 2020. According to the latest McKinsey report, the number of sales went up by 7.5%. In March the market research firm JATO Dynamics reported the Tesla Model 3 as the second best-selling car in Europe.

Here are the top five startups in the United Kingdom

  1. Arrival
  2. Revolut, the fast-growing banking and financial tech startup
  3. Pure Electric, a firm that makes electric bikes and scooters
  4. ClearBank, a clearing bank
  5. Moneybox, a trading app to support young investors


Swile is the hottest startup in France.

Swile CEO Loïc Soubeyrand

CEO and founder of Swile Loïc Soubeyrand


In 2018 Loïc Soubeyrand founded Swile (formerly called Lunchr), a card that brings employee benefits together from restaurant to mobility and gift vouchers through an app. Swile has also features for reimbursements between colleagues, bill sharing, event organizing, and instant messaging.

The firm has just secured $81.64 million (€70 million) in Series C funding, which brought its overall funding to $134.12 million (€115 million). The firm is using the fund to launch a new product that enables corporate gifts and its international expansion.

Here are the top five startups in France

  1. Swile
  2. Alan, a health insurance firm
  3. Doctolib, an e-health company 
  4. Back Market, an online marketplace for refurbished products
  5. Toucan Toco, an enterprise software firm


Lilium is the top startup in Germany

CEO and cofounder of Lilium Daniel Wiegand

CEO and cofounder of Lilium Daniel Wiegand


Lilium is aiming to build an electric flying taxi service. The Munich-based firm was co-founded in 2015 by Daniel Wiegand, Sebastian Born, Patrick Nathen, and Matthias Meiner. 

The German startup has raised more than $375 million (€321.59 million) in funding since then and has more than 500 employees.

Here are the top five startups in Germany

  1. Lilium
  2. N26 Group, a neo-bank
  3. Personio, a human resources software provider for small and medium-sized companies
  4. YFood Labs, a food-tech company 
  5. Contentful, a content management firm


ThePowerMBA is the top startup in Spain. 

Online education company ThePowerMBA offers business programs taught by founders and top executives of companies such as YouTube, Netflix, Whole Foods, and Shazam.

ThePowerMBA’s CEO, Rafael Gonzalo Corral founded the company in 2017.  

Online learning platforms have been soaring as people spent more time at home. New data revealed a surge in the number of C-suite executives taking home learning courses under lockdown.

Here are the top five startups in Spain

  1. ThePowerMBA
  2. Colvin, an online florist
  3. Factorial HR, a recruitment management firm 
  4. Lola Market, a shopping app for groceries
  5. Wallbox Chargers, a company that designs remote charging devices for cars and other items


Casavo was ranked top startup in Italy.

CEO of Casavo Giorgio Tinacci

CEO of Casavo Giorgio Tinacci


Casavo is a real estate company that acquires residential properties as an “instant buyer” to speed up the selling process — the first of its kind in Italy. 

The CEO and founder Giorgio Tinacci launched the company in 2017. A year ago it secured a $22 million Series B funding just seven months after its Series A. 

Here are the top five startups in Italy

  1. Casavo
  2. BOOM Image Studio, a marketplace for commercial photography
  3. Satispay, a mobile payment platform
  4. Everli, an at-home grocery delivery service
  5. Credimi, a company that does digital lending 

The Netherlands 

Picnic Technologies is the hottest startup in the Netherlands.

Cofounder and CTO of Picnic Daniel Gebler

Cofounder and CTO of Picnic Daniel Gebler

Picnic technologies

Online supermarket company Picnic Technologies runs its entire operations in-house from the supply-chain to fleet.

Picnic has raised $408.33 million (€350 million) since its CTO, Daniel Gebler, founded the company in 2015. Only last year, it raised $291.67 million (€250 million) Series C funding to build a robotized distribution center.

Its data-driven approach and app-only store has helped it become Europe’s fastest-growing online supermarket, according to the online magazine EU-startups. The pandemic has spurred the rapid adoption of online grocery shopping, helping online retail to soar.

Here are the top five startups in the Netherlands

  1. Picnic Technologies
  2. Felyx, a company that makes shared electric scooters
  3. Dott, another scooter and e-bike firm
  4. Otrium, a designer online outlet
  5. Crisp, an online supermarket

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