Google Kids Space Is A Cool New Feature On Android Tablets

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Kids get to be showered with technology these days and Google Kids Space is a way for parents to take advantage of all that.

Whether you’ve purchased your kids their own tablet or you simply let them use yours, Google Kids Space is a way for you to make things more fun and educational at the same time.

That being said, Kids Space is currently only available on a few different Android Tablets right now. However it will be expanding in the near future. Which means it’ll reach more kids, and that means more curious minds being fed.

Google Kids Space comes to various tablets from Lenovo

Google is starting the Kids Space rollout with some of Lenovo’s new tablets. Which were actually just announced back on August 28.

This includes the P11 Pro, as well as the second generation of the Smart Tab M10 HD. Both of these should have the new kids feature right out of the box. And Google does say that it will roll the feature out to other Android tablets soon.

Albeit without giving a specific date. Does that make Kids Space a feature that will help sell tablets? It really depends on how much you want your kids to have access to it. And if you’ve already got a tablet that you own and let them use.

Essentially what the feature does is aggregate a bunch of curated kids content. So if you want a collection of stuff that caters to kids to be easily accessible to them, you might want this feature right away. As it certainly makes kids content easy for them to find.

Get the kids involved in the setup for the best experience

The whole focus is on your kids. And for the best experience Google designed the feature in a way that is meant to surface content that they like.

So what you’ll do is basically go through the content with your kids and have them select categories that they show interest in. Not too unlike Netflix has you do when setting up your account for the first time.

After having done this, Kids Space can begin to recommend content that fits into those selected interests. Which means it’ll be stuff they actually engage with as opposed to just whatever is listed as kids content.

It’s a tailor-made experience and was designed to engage their curiosity and foster it further. Plus it’s no doubt entertaining for them.

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