GoMeyra Launches Real-Time, Cloud-Based LIMS for Medical Laboratories to Process Same-Day Lab Test Results

Revolutionary software program features first-of-its-kind apps to track test results allowing for quicker returns to work, school and travel, and increased peace of mind

GoMeyra, an innovative new software company dedicated to providing revolutionary tech solutions for medical laboratories, announced today the launch of a customizable cloud-based lab information management system – GoMeyra LIMS.

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GoMeyra LIMS was developed as a solution to alleviate bottlenecks and increase efficiency challenges inherent in laboratory workflows. (Photo: Business Wire)

Recognizing the tremendous pressure labs are experiencing to turn around COVID-19 test results, GoMeyra LIMS was specifically designed and developed as a solution to alleviate bottlenecks and increase efficiency challenges inherent in laboratory workflows. By bringing together the bioinformatic expertise of world-class scientists with enterprise-level software engineers, GoMeyra is an unparalleled digital solution for medical laboratories.

The result – this groundbreaking LIMS platform is transforming the testing industry by providing unprecedented processing times. Currently the end-to-end processing platform for dozens of labs and medical practices in the U.S., GoMeyra LIMS is making an immediate impact on productivity – tripling daily capacity and empowering labs to provide same-day, direct-to-patient results reporting. Utilized by labs that service Hollywood film & TV studios, major casinos, pro sports franchises and enterprise-level organizations that employ thousands of Americans, GoMeyra LIMS is enabling the public to return to work, school and normal activities quicker than any other lab solution since the start of the pandemic.

“When the pandemic started, as I continued to see COVID-19 rates increase, it became clear that a solution to the systemic problem of delayed test results caused by labs’ lack of preparedness was desperately needed. I knew this was a perfect way for me to help in the crisis, and channeled my 20 years of experience in designing and architecting, configuring, and troubleshooting large enterprise and service-provider networks to create a new platform to process more tests at a much faster pace,” said Jaswant S. Tony, founder and Chief Executive Officer for GoMeyra.

For COVID-19 processing, the extraordinary speed of results reporting enables patients who test negative to return to work and travel within 24 hours, as opposed to the typical 3-7 day quarantined wait period many are experiencing.

The need for testing will not change in the near, or even distant future, according to a study released last month by the Rockefeller Foundation Duke-Margolis Center for Health Policy. “The U.S. will likely need very large numbers of all types of COVID-19 tests well into 2021 to contain outbreaks while returning toward normal activity, with a particular need for more screening tests that have very fast turnaround times.” Furthermore, on September 18, 2020 the CDC reversed its recommendation on COVID-19 and specified that asymptomatic people who have come in contact with an infected person should get tested and self-quarantine. This reversal will also increase the testing demand, making the need for a system like GoMeyra LIMS even more urgent.

GoMeyra LIMS Competitive Advantages

Many current industry LIMS require manual processes and use up to three different interface software, which slows the pace of production. GoMeyra eliminates the need for manual input with an all-inclusive platform that provides simplified record keeping and reporting functionalities, removing the risk of human error, and significantly improving turnaround time.

Most lab systems are not built with advancements in mind. Once they’re established it can be difficult to add new protocols and instruments into the mix. This became even more apparent when COVID-19 hit. We recognized this limitation and built GoMeyra LIMS with the ability to implement additional assay workflows and adapt to new innovations quickly,” added Tony.

A major feature of GoMeyra LIMS are its mobile apps, designed for Apple or Android devices. For healthcare professionals, GoMeyra COLLECT is a first-of-its-kind app that enables lab scientists to scan samples, track and remotely process tests, monitor operations and review data from anywhere. For enterprise-level organizations, the employer-facing GoMeyra SCAN app – which integrates with a customized portal, allows administrators to scan an employee or student’s QR code or badge to validate lab test results and authorize returns to work or school.

Unique to the industry, GoMeyra LIMS coordinates overflow testing across its GoMeyra Network to efficiently manage high daily sample volumes and maximize testing capacity, as well as build a lab-to-lab network for reference specimens, correlation and more.

GoMeyra LIMS Features and Capabilities

  • Front-end LIMS integration with client electronic medical records (EMR) allows laboratories to streamline accessioning from 5-10 minutes per specimen down to 10-20 seconds per specimen.

  • Digital scanning for tracking sample submissions with projected daily volumes, monitoring and recording the journey of each specimen in real-time.

  • Bar and QR code assigning of specimen identification numbers at accessioning, facilitating control of the testing lifecycle and providing an audit trail for traceability.

  • Step-by-step manifests for Sample Batching, Storage, Testing, Reporting and Data Archiving for process overview monitoring.

  • Automated data purging and sorting into simplified, color-coded points of interest that allow lab personnel to review only the information required for diagnostic decisioning and result publishing 10 times faster than other industry LIMS systems.

  • Client facing portal including direct patient notification, allowing for real-time reporting once batch data is published.

  • Batch scalability that coordinates instrumentation with sample volume and also works with labs that conduct pooled testing, making it extremely flexible.

  • Quality Management portals with customizable search parameters and document management systems for SOP training/implementation.

  • Built-in inventory management with threshold reflex ordering function that can guard against shortages of testing materials.

  • Billing portals integrated with reimbursement codes/rates for each assay target tested.

For a demonstration, contact info@GoMeyra.com or call (844) 203-3960 for more information.

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