Fixing education during the pandemic means fixing an uneasy relationship with ed tech

The relationship between education and technology has never been an easy one. The role of technology in the classroom has been subject to all sorts of scrutiny over the years, much of it justified, some not. 

Worries have included the effects of screen time on young minds, along with questions about whether robots will replace teachers.

Ed tech consists of thousands of tools. As with any other tools, some are better than others, and not every tool is right for every job.

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, it was clear that technology was going to be part of education now and for the future. More than $13 billion is spent on technology “solutions” annually.

One prevailing narrative before the pandemic was Silicon Valley’s purported desire to take over our schools. It was at the heart of stories about an anti-technology rebellion in Kansas schools, the implications of big data for student privacy, and the ineffectiveness of the billions of dollars schools spend on technology each year.

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