Emburse Pledges IT Donations to Support Technology Initiatives for Low-Income Families

LOS ANGELES & PORTLAND–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Emburse, a global leader in expense management software and accounts payable automation, has launched an initiative with human-I-T to improve digital literacy in underserved communities throughout the Los Angeles region.

Emburse will donate hundreds of laptops as well as several large-screen TVs to human-I-T, which repurposes corporate IT hardware to help provide computers, internet connectivity and training to low-income groups. The laptops, which are securely wiped by Emburse prior to donation, are then resold by human-I-T to fund its initiatives. Sales proceeds are used to provide consumer-grade Chromebooks to schools and individuals, as well as subsidizing low-cost internet connections and providing digital training. human-I-T also takes broken IT equipment to teach computer repair skills.

“Emburse’s mission of humanizing work reaches beyond the organization itself, and into the communities where we all live. One of the biggest barriers to a more equal society is the lack of availability of computers and broadband internet among underserved groups across the country,” said Eric Friedrichsen, CEO of Emburse. “Giving low-income families and schools the same kind of access to technology and information that many of us take for granted is a major step towards overcoming the digital divide. In turn, this allows these disadvantaged groups to rise up and achieve financial security. We’re honored to support this initiative.”

“We are delighted that Emburse is joining organizations such as Microsoft, LinkedIn and Google in supporting human-I-T,” said Marcos Cronander, Brand Manager at human-I-T. “Donating used IT equipment not only has huge environmental benefits by cutting e-waste and reducing the need to mine precious metals, but can also have a significant positive impact on our communities. In the past eight years, we have diverted more than 5.5 million pounds of e-waste from landfills, and the technology that we have redistributed and repurposed have enabled more than 86,000 disadvantaged families to benefit from internet connectivity. This couldn’t be possible without the generosity of organizations like Emburse.”

About Emburse

Emburse humanizes work by empowering business travelers, finance professionals and CFOs to eliminate manual, time-consuming tasks so they can focus on what matters most.

Emburse brings together some of the world’s most powerful and trusted expense and AP automation solutions, including Abacus, Captio, Certify, Chrome River, Nexonia and Tallie. The company’s innovative solutions, which are uniquely tailored for specific industries, company sizes, and geographies, are trusted by more than 4.5 million users in more than 120 countries. Over 14,000 customers, from start-ups to global enterprises, including Boot Barn, Grant Thornton, Telefónica, Lufthansa Systems, and Toyota rely on Emburse to make faster, smarter decisions, empower business travelers to recapture lost nights and weekends spent doing tedious expense management, and help make users’ lives — and their businesses — better.

For more information on Emburse, visit emburse.com, call 877-EMBURSE, or follow the organization’s social channels at @emburse.

About human-I-T

human-I-T is a nonprofit committed to inspiring and empowering people through technology and information to achieve their full potential. With more than 82 million Americans lacking access to a computer with Internet in their home, primarily because of cost, we promote digital inclusion and access by offering programs that provide technology, high-speed Internet access, tech support services, and free digital literacy training. We divert unwanted technology away from landfills, refurbish it, and redistribute it to those in need.

To learn more about how our programs can help you, or how you can support our mission, please visit www.human-i-t.org.

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