Doit5 Launches Advertising Content Service using Web AR Technology

SEOUNGNAM, South Korea, Sept. 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Doit5 (CEOs Kihoon Lee, Hansoon Park), a company in the ICT Culture Convergence Center operated by the Ministry of Science and ICT, and the National IT Industry Promotion Agency, has revealed that they have launched an advertising service that uses content with web based AR technology.

Doit5 is a startup that specializes in HTML5 based game-type ad content, and it is characterized by its use of the self-developed BXG engine and over 180 types of planned templates to quickly produce games, and by its high efficiency of their ads.

The recently launched service utilizes HTML5 based game references and web AR content produced by Doit5, so the user is able to enjoy the content without having obstacles in the way of device or OS incompatibility, and can actively interact by linking up their messengers and SNS.

From the advertiser’s perspective, it enables ads that are both dynamic and capable of mobile response, and is also more effective compared to existing ad campaigns. This is because the interactive interface raises brand favorability, and raises participation through achievements and sharing. The message the advertiser wants to get to the users goes beyond being a simple game, and the storytelling relays the message more effectively.

CEO Kihoon Lee stated, “Doit5’s game-type ad content has moved away from the existing standardized mobile ads, with various planned templates and designs customized for advertisers,” and revealed their future plans saying, “In the future, we want to produce gamification content that is linked with interactive content and equipment, and expand our business.”


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