Disney Plus Reveals GroupWatch Feature So You Can Watch WandaVision With Your Friends

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Disney Plus rolled out GroupWatch to US subscribers this week, a feature that allows you to watch any show or movie on the service with friends and family, after rolling out to Canada and New Zealand earlier in September.

Disney Plus GroupWatch works a lot like similar features on other services, like Netflix Party and Amazon Prime Video Watch Party. You and up to 6 other people can sync your screens together to watch a show, sending emoji reactions along with the action in real time. Where GroupWatch stands apart is that you don’t need any extra apps to take advantage of it. Any device that can access Disney+, whether it’s through a website on your computer or an app on a phone or streaming device, can join in for a GroupWatch session.

Here’s how it works:

  • Open up your Disney Plus app or the website and pick out your favorite show. We have lots and lots of suggestions in case you can’t decide.
  • Next to the Play option, you’ll see an icon with three people on it.
  • Tap that icon to get a link that you can send to up to 6 fellow Disney Plus subscribers.
  • Once everyone is in, anyone can start the show.

Right now, interaction is entirely through emoji reactions, though Disney Plus Senior Vice President of Product Management Jerrell B. Jimerson told CNET that a chat option may arrive in the future.

Disney says that GroupWatch will make its way to Europe later this fall.

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