Best Amazon Prime Day Xbox Deals: What to Expect

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Amazon has finally revealed the new start date for Prime Day, which means buckle up, it’s time for some video game deal speculation. Sure, there will be plenty of tech up for grabs during the Prime Day saga over October 13-14 this year, with a few early deals on Amazon Echo devices already live and ready to order. But, if you’re looking to score some new deals on the latest video games, then Xbox might be able to serve you up a piping hot meal of old stuff.We kid, but with the likes of the Xbox Series X and S right around the corner, even the best deal on an Xbox One X might fall on hard times considering how much of an appeal the next-gen tech has right now. Still, that doesn’t mean we’re going to see absolutely no Xbox deals during Prime Day. Right now, we can be almost certain that a few Xbox games, accessories, and maybe a few subscription deals like Game Pass will be getting a healthy Prime Day treatment, but no promises.

Will Xbox Consoles be on Sale During Prime Day?

If you’re referring to the Xbox Series X and S, no. The consoles are still in preorder, and super out of stock in most retailers right now. When it comes to the current-gen systems, then you might have a little more luck. As we’ve mentioned, older Xbox consoles might not be the most appealing to the serious gamer at the moment, but if you’re just looking to play Halo Infinite next year and aren’t too worried about super-fast load times or 4K graphics, then an Xbox One S will actually play the game.The biggest appeal to this is if the older console drops in price significantly during the sale, or if they’re even in stock for this price drop to happen. This has got to be a huge drop as well for it to make any kind of a dent in the already affordable, and new, Xbox Series S. Sure, the 4K Blu-ray drive in the One S is also a factor to consider, but if that’s all your concerned about, then maybe buy a Blu-ray drive on Prime Day instead. In our view, if you’re actually looking for a super cheap way to play the latest Xbox games, with plenty of longevity, your efforts might be better placed just trying to preorder an Xbox Series S when you can.

Hope you didn’t get confused with all the different names, in case you did. Xbox One is current-gen, Xbox Series is next-gen. Amazon may very well discount a few Xbox One S bundles during Prime Day 2020, but whether there will be the best Xbox deal available, is up for debate for now.

Amazon Prime Day Xbox Game Deals: Early Discounts and What to Expect

A great benefit to next-gen gaming is the appeal of backward-compatibility, so if you’re upgrading to a Series X this year, any Xbox One games you might buy on sale will still be in perfect working order with the new consoles.

This leads us to a world of possibilities when it comes to Prime Day then. There are even a few Xbox games available and on sale already at Amazon, many of which will even be getting a free next-gen graphical upgrade such as Assassin’s Creed Valhalla or Cyberpunk 2077.

Amazon Prime Day Xbox Controllers and Accessories Deals

Xbox fans, this could be where some of the meat is during Prime Day, so eat up (unless you’re vegan). It’s been a common theme of the past few years for a number of great Xbox accessories to see some discounts during Prime Day, and eventually Black Friday, sales. Whether this will be a new Xbox controller to add to your collection, or an advanced new headset to help with your online gaming marathons.

Remember any current-gen Xbox controllers will still work with the new consoles launching in November, so you should have no qualms about buying that extra gamepad if it gets an unbelievable discount. This also applies to any of the special edition Xbox One controllers that could see a small discount during the two-day sales.

Xbox Series S and Series X Comparison Photos

When it comes to external storage capabilities, we’re also expecting to see a few hard drives go on sale that would be perfect for Xbox One. In case you hadn’t heard, the Xbox Series X and S will use its own licensed SSD storage expansion card from Seagate. It’s 1TB, costs $219.99, and is available to preorder right now. You can still use a regular hard drive with the consoles if you’re so inclined, but you won’t be taking advantage of any of the super-fast load times that are a big seller to those upgrading to next-gen tech.

But, if you are still looking to go down the affordable route, you can always just store all your games on the hard drive, and then transfer them across when you feel it is necessary. This normally takes around 15-20 minutes depending on the game and is a lot quicker when compared to download and install a game again. Yes, it’s all a bit confusing, but you can find more information about Xbox Series X and S storage here.

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