Apple’s Foldable Phone Could Feature Samsung-Made Display

Apple’s Foldable Phone Could Feature Samsung-Made Display


  • A leaker claims that the iPhone maker has ordered flexible display samples from Samsung
  • This shows Apple is serious in its pursuit of a foldable device
  • The release date of such an iDevice remains unknown at the moment

Apple may be entering the foldable devices category in the near future – using flexible displays sourced from Samsung, a new leak claims.

Noted tipster Ice_Universe, known for sharing tidbits of unreleased device information via Twitter, recently posted a leak in Chinese microblogging site Weibo claiming that Apple has ordered a “large number of foldable mobile phone screen samples” from Samsung Display.

The tipster claimed that Apple “hopes” to get Samsung to supply it with the flexible displays, exclusively, “for one year.” The leaker then added a statement that roughly translates to “it looks like it is about to open.”

That last line might be referring to Samsung Display’s response to Apple that it will supply the Cupertino tech giant with the crucial component it needs for a foldable device. It could also refer to the beginning of the iPhone maker’s foray into the foldable smartphone category.

Ultimately, the statement implies that Apple is serious in its intention to create a foldable smartphone that will compete against others in the market, including Samsung’s very own Galaxy Fold, Galaxy Z Fold 2 and Galaxy Z Flip.

This leak might excite many who are looking for something more innovative than the usual rectangular iPhone with enhanced features. This is because it cements speculations about the company’s interest in foldable mobile devices.

Earlier reports revealed that Apple was already putting in some effort into creating foldable devices. Patents showing flexible or foldable iDevices already appeared in months past.

One of them described an iPhone possessing a unique folding design. Another talked about a protective layer that will prevent the flexible display from getting damaged.

According to a patent titled “foldable electronic device with exposed display region,” a future foldable might be configured to expose a small part of the flexible display when folded. The exposed display could be used to show notifications, icons and other details that might be of interest or importance to the user.

Another patent, “hybrid coverlay/window structure for flexible display applications,” talks about a protective layer that can be made of transparent plastic or glass. This layer will be placed atop a flexible display and will prevent it from being damaged.

Apple’s patent stated that this layer will be rigid enough to avoid wrinkling and creases and will be scratch-resistant.

Foldable iPhone? Does this look like a foldable iPhone? Photo: Apple/USPTO

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