AIDP and Andy Khawaja Conduct New Pandemic Research for AI Technology

Artificial Intelligence Defense Platform, a technology start-up creating AI technology for a safer, more comfortable future, and its Founder Andy Khawaja have created a new department within AIDP that is dedicated to pandemic research to see how AI technology can be most useful in future pandemics.

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Andy Khawaja – Founder of Artificial Intelligence Defense Platform (Photo: Business Wire)

In lieu of the Coronavirus Pandemic, or COVID-19, Artificial Intelligence Defense Platform has already found many new ways AI technology can be used for identifying and forecasting pandemic outbreaks. AI technology can track the outbreaks and predict outcomes based on actions.

Andy Khawaja and AIDP have found better methods for tracking carriers based upon tracing data via smartphones, also known as contact tracing.

Although there is a natural resistance to artificial intelligence technology in the healthcare industry, AIDP’s studies show how useful the technology can be in the future to minimize contact when necessary.

“AI technology can perform simple nurse functions to protect our healthcare workers. Machines can check temperatures, administer medicines and treatments, and even perform simple procedures,” says Andy Khawaja.

Dr. Andy Khawaja added, “AI technology has traditionally been met with a level of skepticism and adversity, but we want to show people how it can be useful. We no longer have to serve as the machines when we have the technology to be the operators.”

Artificial Intelligence Defense Platform’s Pandemic Division focuses on AI technology to more accurately diagnose, treat, and cure patients as well as technology to prevent the spread, administer medicine, perform tasks, and process administrative work to better track illnesses and occurrences.

Andy Khawaja says, “The goal is to minimize the effects and longevity of inevitable pandemics and protect populations on a medical and economical level for generations to come.”

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