A Much Cheaper Alternative To A Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Honor has announced a new watch called the Watch GS Pro. It will sell for 249 Euro, which equates to around $300.

This is a fairly expensive watch for Honor, renowned for its high quality-to-cost ratio products. Its last watch, the Honor Magic Watch 2, currently costs just $170. However, it is conspicuously cheaper than the other clear competitor, the $399 Samsung Galaxy Watch 3.

So, where are the cutbacks?

Honor positions the Watch GS Pro as a rugged watch for outdoorsy types. It has a stainless steel bezel and top body enclosure. No issue there, particularly as Honor also says the watch meets 14 of the 29 MIL-STD-810G military spec ruggedization tests and offers 5ATM water resistance.

The Honor Watch GS Pro is more of a fitness watch than a true smartwatch, though, as it does not have an app store or a built-in voice assistant.

Using simpler software and a less powerful processor allows for battery life you would never see in a true smartwatch in 2020. Honor says the Watch GS Pro can last up to 25 days off a charge.

This will provide a completely different day-to-day experience to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, which I find lasts 2-3 days. It can also last for an impressive 48 hours of “performance” GPS tracking, or 100 hours in its GPS power-saving mode.

This will involve far fewer GPS location calls, so may be good for casual hikes, but not runs. Still, tracking an ultramarathon with the Honor Watch GS Pro will be no problem.

These specs make the watch sound more like an alternative to a Garmin Fenix 6 Pro than an Apple Watch Series 5 or Samsung Galaxy Watch 3. And from one perspective, it is.

It has “over 100” workout modes, and offers 48 kinds of semi-guided workout where on-screen animations tell you to the moves to make. There’s a heart rate sensor, full GPS and even a barometer that can alert you to sudden changes in pair pressure. This is an indication the weather’s about to change.

However, for most the Honor Watch GS Pro will also perform most of the fundamental tasks of a smartwatch. You’ll see weather reports, can get WhatsApp and email notifications, and the screen is high-spec enough to make them look good.

The Honor Watch GS Pro has a 1.39-inch circular AMOLED display of 454 x 454 pixels. That is the same spec as the Magic Watch 2.

And much like that watch, the Honor Watch GS Pro seems a solid lower-cost alternative to a Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 or WearOS watch for those not intent on exploring advanced smartwatch features. It will be available in black, white and blue.

Those who already own Huawei GT-series watches or Honor ones probably don’t need to upgrade this time, however, as the core feature set is similar. The Honor Watch GS Pro will be available to pre-order in Europe for 249 Euro from September 7. US availability details are forthcoming.

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