45% of wineries grade themselves a ‘C’ or lower on technology adoption

CHARLOTTE, N.C., Oct. 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — When Ekos, a business management software for craft beverage producers, asked wineries to reflect on their overall technology adoption as a business and give themselves a grade from A to F, the average score was a B-. Almost half of wineries graded themselves a C or below, demonstrating a hesitancy to utilize technology and revealing a need for education about the benefits technology can have in the wine industry.

This month, Ekos is releasing the findings from an online survey of nearly 300 wineries and in-depth conversations with eight winery leaders in a white paper, State of the Wine Industry: Trends in Technology Adoption. The paper includes further insights on technology adoption along with:

  • The importance of inventory management and the benefits of a digital system
  • Tips for choosing technology partners and questions to ask potential vendors
  • A breakdown of Direct to Consumer (DTC) and ecommerce adoption
  • Advice on reaching younger, more digital-savvy consumers

“Our research found that wineries who use inventory software are 23% more likely to expect sales increases in the next 12 months, confirming our belief that technology adoption is crucial to sustained growth,” said Josh McKinney, CEO of Ekos. “Embracing technology can help wineries work more efficiently, improve communication and collaboration across teams, and increase sales to grow their businesses.”

Ekos will be presenting the findings from the research in a webinar with Wine Industry Network on October 22. To sign up for the webinar and download the full research report, visit the Ekos website.

About Ekos 
Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Charlotte, N.C., Ekos is the leading business management software for craft producers. With more than 15,000 users in 40 countries, Ekos helps makers manage their day-to-day operations in inventory, production, sales and accounting. As a central digital hub for your business, Ekos delivers valuable insights, drives efficiencies and profitability, and eliminates the need for spreadsheets and manual record-keeping. Ekos is backed by Noro-Moseley Partners. To learn more, visit goekos.com.

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Senior Communications Manager
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