Day: October 4, 2020

Google Pixel 5, Pixel 4a 5G price, release date, preorder, specs

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pixel 5 in sage

The Google Pixel 5 costs $699 and will be released on October 29.


  • Google’s latest Pixel 5 flagship phone and mid-range Pixel 4a 5G phone were announced on September 30, but only the Pixel 5 is available for preorder now.  
  • The Pixel 5 starts at $700 and will be released and available to buy starting on October 29.
  • The Pixel 4a 5G starts at $500 and will be released and available to buy in November 19. You can sign up to Google’s waitlist to get a notification when the Pixel 4a 5G is available for preorder. 
  • The new Pixel phones come with some important fixes over the previous generation, like an ultrawide camera, bigger battery, and no more “forehead” top bezel. 

Google announced its latest phones on September 30, including the flagship $700

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This multimillion dollar CA ballot measure could decide the future of gig work

Sam Harnett:

Absolutely. So, you know, this the issue that’s playing out in California over where, how to classify these drivers is playing out in every other state in the country and actually global and different in different countries around the world. So everyone is looking to California to see what’s going to happen.

Now, the thing is that the way the propositions were written is that it only applies to people working on platforms, doing delivery or transportation companies like Uber, Lyft, also Postmates, DoorDash.

So it’s limited in who it’s targeting now. But if you create this precedent of having a basic third option between employee and contractor, this kind of contractor, and we didn’t explain this, but the proposition would give them contractor status with slightly improved benefits, slightly better wages, some health supplements, some insurance to drive a certain amount of hours. So the point is,

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Coronavirus latest: UK cases surge as government says technical fault affects testing data

Jasmine Cameron-Chileshe in London

The number of positive coronavirus cases within the UK surged again on Sunday, with the government admitting that “technical” issues had caused delays in the publication of test results.

A record 22,961 new coronavirus cases were confirmed on Sunday, an increase of more than 10,000 compared with 12,872 on Saturday.

The government said a technical issue had been identified overnight on Friday “in the automated process that transfers positive cases data” to Public Health England.

As a result, the number of coronavirus cases announced on Saturday and Sunday included 15,841 additional cases from between September 25 and Friday. Last night, the government said that the issue, though resolved, would affect case numbers in the next few days.

A message on the coronavirus data dashboard on Saturday warned that data published in the next few days would “include some additional cases” from between September 24 and October

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London transport regulator strips Ola’s operating licence over public safety failings

By Rebekah Mathew

(Reuters) – London’s public transport authority stripped Indian ride-hailing company Ola of its London operating licence, saying that the taxi app was not “fit and proper” to hold one, having put passenger safety at risk.

Bengaluru-based Ola entered the London taxi market in February this year. The market is dominated by rivals including Uber <UBER.N>, Freenow and Bolt, and traditional black cab drivers who previously blocked streets in protest at what they see as a threat to their livelihoods.

Transport for London (TfL) said in a statement that it refused to grant Ola, a Softbank-backed <9984.T> operator, a new London private hire vehicle (PHV) operator’s licence as it “cannot find it fit and proper to hold one after discovering a number of failures that could have risked public safety.”

TfL’s decision came days after Uber won a legal bid to restore its London operating licence, which was

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How Cannibalism in the Womb May Have Made Megalodon a Titanic Terror | Science

There’s never been a bigger carnivorous shark than Otodus megalodon. At a maximum body size of 50 feet long, this ancient mako relative was the largest shark ever to chomp its way through the seas. No other shark species, even among its close relatives, grew quite so large. But how did megalodon become so exceptional?

A new study, published today in Historical Biology by DePaul University paleontologist Kenshu Shimada and colleagues, suggests that cannibalism in utero may have helped set up the rise of the largest meat-eating shark of all time. The researchers suggest that a biological connection existed between having large, hungry babies, a metabolism that ran warm and increases in size—with the appetites of baby sharks driving their mothers to eat more and get bigger, which led the babies to get bigger themselves.

Shimada and colleagues focused on the size of existing lamniform sharks, using measurements of

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Computer Weekly’s 2020 women in tech Rising Stars

While recognising the technology industry’s 50 Most Influential Women in UK Tech each year, Computer Weekly is also on the lookout for the next cohort of women who will be driving the sector forward in the near future.

Each year, we ask our judges to suggest the women they think are already making a significant contribution to the UK’s technology sector and who they could see appearing on the top 50 list in years to come.

Many who have appeared on past lists of Rising Stars have gone on to rank in Computer Weekly’s list of the 50 Most Influential Women in UK Tech, including 2020 winner Anne-Marie Imafidon, CEO of Stemettes, who was named a Rising Star in 2014.

The Rising Star category was first introduced as part of the Most Influential Women in UK Tech campaign in 2014 as a way to add to the pool of women

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Virginia Tech WR Tayvion Robinson earns quick redemption after costly special teams gaffe at Duke | Virginia Tech

NCAA Football: Virginia Tech at Duke

Duke cornerback Leonard Johnson (33) breaks up a pass intended for Virginia Tech wide receiver Tayvion Robinson (83) during the first half of an NCAA college football game on Oct. 3, 2020, in Durham, N.C. (Nell Redmond/Pool Photo via AP)

DURHAM, N.C. — Virginia Tech players know it’s a long walk to the sidelines to greet coach Justin Fuente after turning the ball over.

It’s an even longer walk when that turnover leads to points for the other team.

Duke jumped out to a 7-0 lead early in the first quarter on Saturday afternoon when Tech receiver Tayvion Robinson wasn’t able to field a punt. The ball went right through his hands as he was backpedaling inside the Hokies’ own 20-yard line.

The football was knocked backwards multiple times during a scramble to gain possession by players from both teams. Blue Devils safety Jaylen Stinson gained control of

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Caltech, other colleges drop SAT and ACT from admissions decisions

But Caltech won’t even consider those tests in the selection of its next two entering classes. It is in the vanguard of a small but growing movement to eliminate the ACT and SAT from admission decisions. The immense educational disruptions of the novel coronavirus pandemic, especially shortages of seats at testing centers, have fueled the development.

Others experimenting with this approach include the University of California at Berkeley and some other UC campuses, Reed College in Oregon, the California State University System and Washington State University. Catholic University, in D.C., said this year it will omit test scores in admissions from now on.

These schools are taking a more radical stance than the “test-optional” movement, which allows applicants to choose whether to send scores. Instead, these schools are declaring themselves “test-blind” or “test-free.”

Nikki Kahealani Chun, director of undergraduate admissions for Caltech, said the 2,200-student school in Pasadena has never

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Nacha Adopts New Rules To Modernize ACH Payments

Nonprofit Nacha, which enables Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments, has adopted eight new amendments to the Nacha Operating Rules that a press release said will help to modernize the payment style.

The amendments concern Same Day ACH and new ways of making ACH payments easier to use, the release stated. Two of the rules also give a new framework for businesses, financial institutions (FIs), payment providers and technology companies to authorize consumer ACH payments, able to be applied to new channels and technologies adopted by customers to interact and buy from businesses.

Other components include reducing some of the administrative requirements surrounding obligations to obtain or provide payment-related documentation and putting a specific timeline in place to handle claims of unauthorized payments, the release stated.

In addition, the new rules make explicit which scenarios are not appropriate for reversing ACH payments. Nacha will

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2020 Land Rover Defender 110 First Drive Review

2020 Land Rover Defender 110

2020 Land Rover Defender 110 first drive review: Off-rad chops meets modern tech

“The 2020 Land Rover Defender combines old-school ruggedness with modern refinement.”

  • Impressive off-road capability
  • Drives like a car, not an SUV
  • Well-designed interior
  • Useful tech
  • Vague steering
  • Fussy touchscreen

Modern Land Rover is defined by SUVs that combine luxury with off-road capability, vehicles that, despite their mud-plugging abilities, are typically compared to the likes of Mercedes-Benz. It wasn’t always this way.

When Land Rover launched in 1948, it made simple, rugged vehicles aimed more at farmers, explorers, and soldiers than wealthy suburbanites. Those early Land Rovers were Britain’s answer to Jeep, not Mercedes. As Land Rover drifted further into luxury, the Defender became the last reminder of the brand’s origins. Until it went out of production in 2016, that is (United States sales ceased in 1997).

Fans loved the original Defender because it existed in a time

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