Day: October 1, 2020

ACC Chip Shots: Don’t discount Virginia Tech as a conference title challenger in 2020

The ACC Championship race in 2020 has a simple premise but no certain answers. Clemson, the five-time conference champs and current No. 1 team in the country, is expected to be the best team in the league and nearly a lock to make to Charlotte as one of the top two teams in the 15-team, division-free standings established for 2020. That is not a guarantee that Clemson will go undefeated in league play like it did in 2015, 2018 and 2019, but it acknowledges that if the Tigers do lose, it’s highly unlikely that it would happen multiple times and two other teams finishing the season with a better winning percentage in conference play. 

So the ACC Championship Game picture is at least partially easy to predict, but finding the right side to back as Clemson’s likely opponent is much more difficult, particularly after a strong debut from Virginia Tech. 

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New OWC Thunderbolt Hub expands Thunderbolt 4 connectivity

OWC has announced a new hub that, for the first time, allows users to turn a single Thunderbolt 4 port into several.

Thunderbolt 4 is Intel’s latest iteration of the speedy port standard, available on 11th-generation Tiger Lake processors.

OWC’s new Thunderbolt Hub features three Thunderbolt ports and a single USB port, allowing users to connect additional storage or high-resolution displays. Each Thunderbolt port can support a pair of 4K displays, or a single 5K, 6K or 8K display, alongside other accessories.

The new hub’s multi-port accessory architecture enables daisy-chaining, allowing users to create independent “tree branches” and connect multiple bus-powered devices to a computer. And removing one device from a chain won’t affect the others.

Other features include an adjustable LED indicator, a built-in Kensington slot for anti-theft cabling, and OWC’s own ClingOn cable stabilization.

Although there aren’t currently any Mac devices that support Thunderbolt 4, Tiger Lake

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Joy Walton Named One of Consulting Magazine’s 2020 “Women Leaders in Technology”

Huron’s Walton honored for her excellence in client service

Global professional services firm Huron (NASDAQ: HURN) today announced Joy Walton, a founding member of Huron and managing director, has been recognized as one of Consulting magazine’s inaugural “Women Leaders in Technology” for 2020. Walton was honored in the client service category for her dedication to helping universities and research institutions align their missions and goals with their technology systems to accelerate digital transformation and achieve operational excellence.

“I have been fortunate to have had a front seat to Joy’s career over the many years we have worked together. Joy’s continued dedication to our clients and our people has been unwavering as she has grown into a well-respected leader at Huron and in the market,” said James H. Roth, chief executive officer at Huron. “Joy has been instrumental in Huron’s growth in technology, and I congratulate

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Facebook moderators at Accenture are being forced back to the office, and many are scared for their safety

Facebook moderators employed by third-party contracting firm Accenture and based in Austin, Texas are being forced to return to the office on October 12th, The Verge has learned.

Employees, almost all of whom are contractors, were instructed of the new policy at a company-wide town hall meeting today, say multiple people familiar with Accenture’s plans. Accenture, which has allowed its workforce of hundreds of moderators to work from home since March due to the COVID-19 pandemic, has not given the employees a reason for why they must return to the office. Accenture did not take questions at the town hall meeting, telling concerned employees that it would schedule a second call to answer COVID-specific questions regarding matters like sick leave and time off. High-risk workers are being asked to make alternate arrangements, and will not have to come in.

Facebook has an estimated 15,000 paid contractors almost entirely employed by

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Retailers Are Shutting Down Physical Stores to Focus on Digital Sales

The fashion retailer H&M  (HNNMY)  is shutting down its brick and mortar stores to focus more on its digital business.

On Thursday, the company announced that it is shutting down 250 stores next year as more people are shopping online.

“More and more customers started shopping online during the pandemic, and they are making it clear that they value a convenient and inspiring experience in which stores and online interact and strengthen each other,” H&M said in a statement. “We are increasing digital investments, accelerating store consolidation and making the channels further integrated.”

Retailers shutting down stores due to the increase in online shopping, especially during this ongoing coronavirus pandemic is not a new news.

On September 9, American Eagle Outfitters  (AEO) – Get Report said that it is closing 40 to 50 stores this year. Also, Video game retailer GameStop said it is shutting down

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Investors Turn to Asia’s Bonds, Tech Stocks in Hunt for Yield

(Bloomberg) — Investors are turning to Asia’s high-yield bonds and technology stocks in the search for higher levels of income.


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Select Asian high-yield credit is attractive, such as Chinese real-estate debt from solid businesses with good access to funding, according to Pictet Asset Management. Taiwanese technology stocks are favored by JPMorgan Asset Management and Principal Global Investors.

Income hunters are looking beyond safer debt and traditional dividend-paying equities that have been hurt by the pandemic. Almost $16 trillion of bonds globally offer negative yields after central banks drove down interest rates to fight the economic damage from the pandemic.

“We still see value in selected credits as a source of income generation, especially in Asian high yield where yield levels remain attractive in an historical context,” said Vincent Ferraton, head of Asian credit research at Pictet Asset Management.

graphical user interface, chart: Asia corporate notes offer above-average spread versus U.S. peers

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Asia corporate notes offer above-average spread versus U.S.

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Jacksonville Jaguars Tap Trailblazing College to Help Athletic Trainers Leverage New Ultrasound Technology

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. and MILWAUKEE, Oct. 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Medical Technology Management Institute (MTMI), a division of The College of Health Care Professions, announced a partnership with the Jacksonville Jaguars to provide musculoskeletal (MSK) ultrasound training to athletic trainers, allowing them to conduct quick medical assessments to inform game-time decisions on player health. MTMI also announced that it has been approved by the Board of Certification for Athletic Trainers (BOC-AT) to expand its training with athletic teams on how to operate MSK ultrasound technology.

“As athletic trainers in the NFL, we strive to provide the best and most innovative care for our athletes. As medical technology advances, we must continue to learn and utilize the best available resources in the assessment and treatment of our players,” said Cassie Ettel, associate athletic trainer for the Jacksonville Jaguars. “This partnership will further advance our day-to-day treatment and evaluation techniques

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7 Electric Car Stocks to Watch As Battery Tech Improves

Contrary to the doom-and-gloom prognostications many of us believed in when the novel coronavirus pandemic struck, this otherwise awful crisis has surprisingly been a positive development for the technology sector. Specifically, the valuation of electric car stocks received a massive jolt (in both good and bad ways) — leading investors to pile into this rapidly burgeoning market.

“The category of electric vehicle companies is growing quickly,” wrote Ben Forgan, cofounder and CEO of Hologram, a global cellular platform for IoT, in an email to InvestorPlace. “In general, the space is on the upswing and to capture that trend, investors can look at any of the companies that are solvent.”

Part of the reason for the interest surely has to do with some of the vulnerabilities exposed of combustion-engine cars. For one thing, they require frequent maintenance; And let’s face it: not everyone is skilled or disciplined enough to

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This Is the Best Podcast Microphone for Most People

Illustration for article titled This Is the Best USB Microphone

Photo: Joanna Nelius/Gizmodo

USB mics were popular before the pandemic, especially among streamers and anyone who needed a high-quality microphone that was also easy to set up with their computer. But if you didn’t invest in a mic pre-lockdown and now find yourself needing a good one for meetings or that new podcast you and your friend are starting as a way to escape the loneliness of quarantine, the $130 Blue Yeti and $160 Elgato Wave 3 are two excellent choices. They’re so excellent you can’t go wrong with either, but we’re not here to say they’re both fine. We’re here to say which is the one you should actually spend your cash on.

Out of Blue’s entire USB mic line-up, the Yeti is by far the most popular. It earned THX certification all the way back in 2009, and the Yeti has made our “best of” lists

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Tesla will have zero sales in China by 2030: analyst

Tesla (TSLA) may not have much of a future in the world’s largest electric vehicle market, if one analyst’s predictions pan out. Morgan Stanley’s (MS) Adam Jonas says that CEO Elon Musk’s high-tech automotive company will likely see sales in China plummet to zero by 2030.

“We have China sales peaking [in the] middle of the decade and then going down…and then eventually nothing after 2030,” Jonas told Yahoo Finance’s “On the Move” this week.

China has become an important market for Tesla, since Musk worked with the country’s government to build out the firm’s Shanghai Gigafactory. The country has the fastest growing EV market in the world, but saw sales dip last year as Beijing began to phase out government subsidies for alternative energy vehicles with the expectation of ending them in 2020.

Yahoo Finance newsletter.
Yahoo Finance newsletter.

Tesla, which doubled its sales in China in the first half of 2020,

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